Sunday, October 25, 2009

Australian couple on Australian TV

Here's the link:

If you can't access that then google "Sunday Night Channel 7" and you will find the story. It is the third "featured story" and its title is "Baby Factory". Charming. I am personally very unhappy with the term"baby factory" but will make my complaint to the media concerned. 

Let me get off my soapbox about "baby factories" before I even begin to get into an ethical or moral debate.

My impression of this story for what it is worth:
This story is one of a three part series. You can access the Channel 7 video archives to see the first two stories.

This couple decided to go public with their surrogacy in India story in January 09. They were the only couple in Australia to go public about surrogacy in India.  Many Aussie couples - including me and Bob -  were asked to do this story, and we all declined. SZome did, and they were paid for their story, but Lisa and Nik declined payment. Lisa and Nik  stepped up to the plate, decided to be honest and open, and they did it. They are brave as far as I am concerned.

I was involved with this couple from the early days, and also involved with this story. I warned them they would cop crap from stupid people who would never understand, but they knew this, they decided to accept this abuse. Bob and I would not have done this.

So all I can say is this: Bravo to Lisa and Nik, and Bravo to the boys Alex and Taj. You have exposed yourselves to world's media in ways none of us would ever do. 
And let's get back to the reason they did this: to educate the Australian public, to send a message to Australian lawmakers  and to assist infertile couples from whatever country they come from. 

The message that comes from this news story  is this: 
Pursuing surrogacy in India is not a fail-safe, one shot wonder. Yes, we have to have hope,  but we can't have expectations. This is not a pretty journey. This is not a journey for the feint-hearted. This is not something that goes smoothly. Sometimes it does, but most often it does not. But those who have been there and done that will never tell to not try - but just be realistic!

If you would are interested in surrogacy in India, we have a forum for intended parents:

This forum has 30 members to date. We have not publicised this forum, because there are a bunch of spammers and nut cases out there in blog land. If you want to join, you will be aksed questions, and we will vet your request to join, for the protection of the forum administrators and our members.

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NWGirl said...

Totally agree.

My best friend is going through this right now.....tis her 2nd time.

The heartbreak I saw her go through when their first attempt failed earlier this year was heartbreaking.

If anything I hope Lisa and Nik's story educate the knockers!!

Good luck to all enduring this emotion, physical and mental journey.