Sunday, October 4, 2009

Back to the good news

Bob is off the ship! At last. He just called from the mainland and will be home in around six hours. Today is a beautiful day. I have to stop working and clean the house, mow the lawn, bath Amber, and attend to the rest of the jobs I have ignored these past three weeks.

Our donor starts the stimulation phase of her cycle today. Our surrogate is ready and waiting to go. We are on the homeward run and expect EPU in around 12-14 days. Finally! Two of my clients have EPU a few days earlier then us, and a few surrogacy couples with Phoenix are waiting for their good news. I am so happy and excited to be part of other couples' dreams and know they are in the best of care - financially,  medically and emotionally. One of the Australian case managers is in Delhi now, organising things for clients from that end, with excellent results. I am excited to learn Phoenix Hospital has modern ultrasound equipment, and we have access to the hospital's 4D sonography equipment. No more cruddy scans with fingerprints all over them. It is so important to many of us to see our little ones growing, and ultrasounds are the closest we can get to being with them.

Half our house is being demolished tomorrow. Our temporary fences arrive to keep Amber off the building site. Tuesday will see the arrival of a porta-loo. I've never rented one of those before. I now have no washing machine or dryer as the laundry is being ripped off. It will be jackhammers at twenty paces here tomorrow.

At last, all the things I have been working on for so very long are finally happening. It is a truly wonderful day!

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CW said...

I am curious to know/understand what you are a case manager for?
Are you abe to email me.