Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Destruction and mayhem abound - tsunami Meg strikes agin!

We are required by law to display our owner builder license number and contact details on the front of our house. I think ours is pretty creative.

Before. This is the side of our house. We don't have a back yard, we have a side yard that runs along the river (to left of pic). This is said side yard green and lush after 23 days of rain in September alone. Come December, this would be brown and crusty and gross. 

Day one demo. We lost the pergola, laundry and second toilet. It's laundromat city for Meg for awhile. I can't believe how two men and a Bobcat can do so much in such a short amount of time. Orange stick to front left of pic hows how far the build extends.

Before - garden at front of property overlooking river. I have to move a lot of these plants because we will pave this area and use it as an outdoor area.

Bobcat Ben and his mate Clint striking a pose. This is the quintessential Aussie builder look. Super nice guys, do anything for you. 

Day two: Bobcat Clint on the Wacker. It pounds 800 kilos of weight to compact the sand. Gotta love a good whacker. This thing was in action for about five hours straight yesterday. Oh my, the noise, the vibrations.

Day three: we have a sand pad. Amber would like to think this is the world's biggest toilet - just for her. She had fun running round and round and round like a crazy dog before being confined to her fenced off area on the other side of the house.

Patio before

And now. Sand pad from the side. They brought in quite a bit of sand!

Amber's new bed. All our patio furniture including Amber's bed are now crammed onto our tiny front porch. The cupboards, washing machine, dryer and furniture from the laundry are in the back back room of our two bedroom house. It's really squishy around here.

This concludes my show and tell. We're still cycling as planned, with still a few days to go before EPU and transfer. Congrats to "G", our first forum two week wait (and his 26 eggs and 12 embies for freezing ... a great result).


Sarah @ When two becomes three... said...

Gosh - what a project! Renos stress me out. Hopefully you are doing well. Sending you buckets of babydust Am.

Oddity Acres Clan said...

I am so so happy that Bob is home, the Rennos have begun, Amber is a smiling puppy and YOU sound bloody marvelous!!

Well done to you both. I cant wait to see the finished job and also hear back with some good results.