Friday, October 30, 2009

Fantastic news: welcome to the world Alexa

Apart from our fantastic news of this week. Here is the most gorgeous baby in the world born Tuesday at Hiranandani Hospital in Mumbai.

Welcome to the world Alexa!!!

Our dear friends had a very long history of IVf and trying, and had heartbreak after heartbreak. And here is their daughter, safe and well. She was born 6.1 pounds, she is healthy, was out of NICU within a day, and she is with her parents who are working on the legals to get her home. 

I just skyped with new momma and saw little one. She doesn't move much, but apparently she poops and feeds a lot. The amazing Asha, nurse in Mumbai,  whom we see on so many blogs, was there besides momma and daughter, helping the new parents along. I told Asha she is famous, but she just giggled and said, "I just care for the babies." Mikes, you will understand this.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Do you know How Loved You are?

An incredible journey. Well done all involved!!

(Now I can shop for pink).


Mandy said...

I am over the moon for Jackie!! She truly deserves it!! She is PERFECT!! Love it!!

Mike and Mike said...


Can you please let Asha know I sent her Birthday and Christmas Presents to her home in Vasai Tuesday. Our Mail services say 6 to 10 days for delivery.

And to Jackie...CONGRATULATIONS! Now the fun and the blessings really begin.

Mike A.

jojo said...

She is gorgeous! Congratulations Jackie xxx

Doug R said...

Welcome Alexa! Oh and to be cared for by the famous Asha... big hugs and aloha to everyone!