Friday, October 16, 2009

More of nothing to report

Home extension
So, we have gas and plumbing prelay (ie pipes to fit the kitchen, toilet and laundry thingies sticking up out of the sand pad) done. Today the concretors arrived by surprise, and dug trenches and put in things called footings. Apparently you need these things or your house will fall down. There is nothing to take photos of because it is just the sand pad with concrete filled trenches. Tomorrow the pest control person arrives to spray the sand pad and surounds so we don't get termites, then the concretors lay the mesh and the concrete slab. Then we have two weeks for the slab to cure, and the bricklayer comes in. Note to self: buy bricks.

While I was super worried about being an owner builder, this has all proven to be quite easy. Each tradie knows what to do, and if there are any questions, they consult with each other and it gets worked out. At this stage I am totally sick to death of phoning 5-10 tradies for quotes, so I am now relying on our demo and earth works guy to send me people. I trust him to know who can do what and to not rip us off. I don't care about saving a few hundred dollars - a few thousand, yes, but this guy has been a God send! Thanks Bob Cat Ben!

Our cycle
We're cycling along happily in the background. Nothing new to report on that front. I had an update today that all is okay. I told our dear doc that I hate waiting, but I know that's just the way it is. I am just so glad that I have so much in my life to concentrate on, other than our cycle.

Bug infestation
Spring has sprung. We live on a river. This means once the temperature rises above a certain degree, the bugs and mosquitoes come a calling. I went on a huge clean-up today, only to find that once the house was spotless, the bugs had come in and were flying around our ceilings in amounts I have never seen before. So, once I sprayed the crap out of them, they fell all over my clean surfaces and I had to clean again. Poor Bob is suffering from spring allergies, and I have doped him up on anti-histamines. Bug spray, Exit Mould, and Domestos cleaners don't help - but crap, I am sick of the dirt and dust and mess that happen when one lives in a house under construction. Suck it up princess.

Other bugs
Thanks to those who were worried about me and the doc, and contacted us re: Towle. It's all under control, and we really feel on top of things, and are moving forwards.

So roll on house building, and roll on babies - we are on our way.

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