Tuesday, October 27, 2009

more results- we are fertilised

We have an early result of ten eggs fertilised. This may change overnight. If it does, that means may have more. Ten is more than enough.

We are at pro-nuclei stage ... taking it day by day.

We will most probably transfer tomorrow.

We are emotional, exhausted and overwhelmed. 

But happy.

Can we dare to be happy for once?

Never had such honesty, compassion nor excellent care, not here in Austyralia, nor with our first clinic  in India.


tjudle said...

Ten is a very good number. Very good, indeed. Hopefully they are all high quality and become Grade A embies. Best to you and Bob!

Mandy said...

Oh Amani!! I am so happy and excited for u guys!! Sticky embies are what we are praying for!!

all the best hun! GOOD LUCK!

mehdirah said...

This is great! I wish you lot of success with your embryos and a nice baby (or two) in 9 months :-)

Edward said...

we're thinking good thoughts for you both....sounds very promising!

jojo said...

Ten is an awesome number. Just what I would hope for.

Grow, grow, divide, mulitiply and grow!

crystal said...

What great news! I hope this is finally the end of this long struggle for you and Bob.

Rebecca said...

I am on pins and needles right beside of you....hoping this is it!! Keep us updated!


Mike and Mike said...

Baby dust mixed with drama queen fairy dust being blown your way!

Karen said...

That is a great number!!!! So happy to hear the good news!!! Positive, sticky thoughts being sent your way!!!