Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nothing to report

Ouch ... my cyber stalker forced me to do retail therapy.

I bought $179 worth of plants and fertiliser for my tiny garden. It is looking awesome! Will post pics once I plant and mulch.

Yes, I am procrastinating  ... it's great to go in and buy the stuff, but then you have to take it out of the car boot, and  plant it, fertilise it, mulch it. I'm not complaining.

Our cycle
We're cycling. Third time lucky. Such is life, but it feels good. I am so very glad I am so bust with clients and house renos that I can put our cycle to the back of my mind and not obsess on every little detail. We get very regular updates from our dear Doctor Shivani, by email and phone. Sometimes Bob asks me if we are pregnant yet and I tell him"I dunno". I really love being in this space of caring but not being obsessed.

I remember getting involved with the infertility community many years ago. I thought I had a sad tale of woe to tell way back then. Then I realised there are people who have endured loss after loss, have cycled 10, even 15 plus times themselves, spent $100,000 more on IVF in Australia alone, and for nothing. Some have had not had only negative after negative, but loss after loss. And still they keep on keeping on. And the losses are not just prior to 12 weeks (though most are) but also second and third trimester babies. Sometimes these couples gave up - who can blame them? This is stressful shite! And why? Because they had to - for whatever reason - be it emotional, financial, or spiritually. We all have different stories to tell.

I am feeling pretty happy and pretty lucky these days that I actually have a medical reason for not being able to carry, and not being able to produce decent embryos. This is well proven as my first miscarriage was at age 26 ... so many years ago ... with four more following. And there was no medical reason as to why i had so many losses,much less the 11 miscarriages my sister had. I guess it's something genetic in our family.

Happy times
I am happy today because I can try again. I am happy because I trust our doctor implicitly. I am happy because I get to case manage other couples, some are new to surrogacy in India, some have been there and failed, and are hurt, some contact me wanting information and I send them to every blog and forum I can find. It is up to the IPS to do their own research, and not follow me or anyone else blindly. 

I am happy because I am even more involved with a select group of people who need my help, and need our doctor's help, and I can see the sun return to their weary faces. I can see excitement, joy, but also fear. And I, and others can be there for them. It is truly a new day.

I now understand what it is like for the doctor, from any clinic, and any country, to want to make this happen. I also understand what it is like for the ED agency, and anyone else involved with the process. We are all very good people, and we just want this to happen. Sometimes it does not go according to plan. And sometimes there are greedy unprofessional operators out there in India, but there are also demanding and high maintenance IPs.

So back to the house.
No pics. Too boring. The only difference between the last lot of pics is that we now have a few pipes sticking up out of the sand pad. We have the plumbing prelay and gas done. The water pipe out the back burst and we have had a stream of water spewing from the pipe for four days now. Our water pressure is down, but at least we can shower. Apparently it is a problem for the Water Corporation, which says it is a problem with the plumber. Oh the joys of being an owner builder!!!

The concretor is coming in Thursday. Once the slab is laid I will post a pic, then it's two weeks to cure the slab and we get walls!!!! Like, bricks and mortar. How cool is that?

Walls! I love walls! I want walls, and windows and plaster and ceilings, and a roof.


Niels and Alexander said...

All the luck with the cycle this time and as you said; three times lucky! And also luck with the building(site) you're living in: to me it would be horror! lol

Rebecca said...

I figured we would be testing around the same time. That is so totally awesome! This is gonna be the one for us both. I have a great feeling about it!

Sarah @ When two becomes three... said...

What is up with your cyber stalker? Seriously. That sucks lady cakes. But at least it's on the internet and not in real life. Always look at the bright side of life.....;O)

I may be obsessing over your cycle for you. All the way over here. I am glad that you are at peace and are able to just let it all be. This will work.

Amani said...

Yay for us Becca - it's about time. Work on that house girl, I sure am!

Sarah - the police have it in hand. he's a nut job with a long history of abusing people in forums and on the internet. Thank fully he lives in a different state to me and police can work between states.

It's just super annoying and time consuming. But I guess that's what he is after - to annoy the crap out of me.

Jackie said...

This WILL work for you!! We will share mommy stories one day, I feel it in my bones!!