Sunday, October 4, 2009

One hour til Bob

I just realised I cannot move all the good top soil from the gardens that are being demolished tomorrow, to the new garden, where the soil is not as good. 

I also cannot move the limestone pavers from one side of the yard to the other, nor cut off the garden reticulation, nor mow the front verge.

I cannot even take the 7 bags of mulch I have been driving around with for the past week, in the boot of our car and put them in our garden, muchless mulch the garden.

I cannot vacuum the house, clean the floors, do the bathroom and present a spotless, I have been okay and all is good and fine image to my darling husband. He doesn't care anyway ... but this tsunami (loved that comment, thanks) likes all things to be in order. Stuff that.

What I can do is have a shower, chillax and be excited.

One hour til Bob comes home. This feels like waiting for "the call" from our docs telling us our pregnancy results. So freaking happy!!!!


jojo said...

Hooray! Congrats on a wonderful day. I'm so glad everything's working out for you. It's about time.

Amani said...

He's home. I cried. Amber gave him her squeaky duck.

Bob said...

It is great to be home. The house demolition started at 7am. Tsunami Meg strikes again!