Sunday, October 25, 2009

We are triggered

We've triggered!!!

Just spoke with Dr Shivani at length. It is so wonderful to have a doctor who actually answers the phone!

There really  is nothing more to report. We have EPU tomorrow, our dear donor R is number 5 on the list ... Dr Shivani wanted to phone after EPU and tell me how it goes, but i I told her not to. We trust her 100 percent. At this stage, after so many years of trying, and after two years of surrogacy, we'll sit back and wait. There is nothing anyone can do from here-on-in.

My stomach is doing flip-flops still. 


Blasé said...

Ah, "sit back and wait". That really sucks!


Johnny and Darren said...

Tomorrow is the day for big fluffy eggs!

tjudle said...

Wishing for lots of little eggies!

George said...

we have blastoff !

my thoughts are with you
your in great hands

Jackie said...

Very proud of you being cool, calm and collected!

As I have been saying...I have a good feeling about this.


Terry & Steve said...

This really is your time!!!