Friday, November 20, 2009


Jarrah window frames in place for windows looking out over the river. That's where our lovely 1940's lead light windows will be installed. We will have lead light french doors and sidelights installed off the dining room to the right of the photo.

Monday is our big heartbeat scan. I hope everything is okay. There is no reason for things to not be okay, but you all know the worry that goes along with this. The heartbeat scan - or scans - in our case, is a critical milestone to pass. Our SM "R" is lying around doing nothing. She lives close to the hospital so will not go into surrogate apartments. I am pleased to hear she is resting at home, though I get concerned she is bored.

Today I bought my first baby item - a book called "So Glad We Waited" - a hand-holding guide for over-35 parents. After we pass 12 weeks I might buy a parenting book. I am so very cautious, these little lives are so fragile, I dare not be too confident.


Anonymous said...

Amani, I have a cousin who bought her wedding dress. I asked her, "But why? You aren't even dating!" She replied, "Ah! But someday I am going to get married!". That was not quite 20 yrs ago and since then she has been married twice! Following her way of seeing the world - and she does the same with other things and they always come through! (she had two baby girls - one after the other- when she was not supposed to be able to have any children! - long story there), I have been buying baby clothes every now an then (err, for years!). A couple of months ago I showed the "collection" to my mother-in-law and she said, "Don't you think you are a little precipitant?" I replied, "No. Someday I am going to have a baby!"
Well, we are on our way (5.4 wks since ICSI!). For me buying a book, a stuffed animal or some socks, etc. just somehow reinforces for me that this will truly, eventually happen. Weirdly, doing this gives me strength. Although, I add we do not have a room decorated or anything like that (just SMALL stuff). Best hopes for Monday! Astrocat_88

Stephaniekb said...

Being an over-35 parent is great -- I feel much calmer and less worried about doing the "right" thing than I would have 20 years ago. I think you can keep things in perspective better. Even the lack of sleep -- you realize that it is only for a little while.

Hope your babies are growing as sturdily as your house!

gemway said...

I may have to borrow that book from you Meg :). Thinking of you everyday. G