Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy birthday to me! My presents.

He's such a romantic! 9000 bricks. But that's just the first installment. Tomorrow I get four bags of brickie's cement, two metres of flashing and a tonne of wall ties.

Seriously though, I can have whatever I want, but I want for nothing ... except our children ... and that's something money can't buy. Hopefully Monday ... the day work on our walls starts.

(and a nice pair of gold ruby earrings with a beautiful card to "Hey Bro!" was very thoughtful. Love you MegBob).


Mandy said...

Aw, such a sweetheart!! You gotta a keeper there...i'm glad things are moving along with the house. Your so right, $$ can buy lots of things except the most important of all.

Enjoy hun!!

jojo said...

What a special birthday wish. Here's hoping it comes true and we'll know very soon!!


tjudle said...

Is it really your birthday today? If so, your news on Monday will be the bestest belated B-day gift EVER!

Kerry said...

I think you are amazing!! Here's hoping all your wishes come deserve it!!