Friday, November 27, 2009

More growth - the house

This is a pic from yesterday of our verandah. It's long and skinny (only 1.8m wide), so hardly a place to have a ragingly huge party ... but certainly large enough to have a nice cup of tea and read the paper. The metal thing above the huge gap on left of pic is a lintel! I've been crapping on about buying lintels for ages now. Our recycled lead light french doors and sidelights go in the big gap. We are capping the foundation brickwork with limestone, and will have limestone stairs leading to the verandah.

Pic from the other end showing how darned skinny the verandah is. It's really a porch., We couldn't extend the house any further due to council regulations, we could only get to far to the front fence with an open structure. The plan is to blend the porch area into the garden so there is a proper outside sitting area.

A very boring photo of the back wall. We went full height as we hate feeling cramped. You can kind of see how high our ceilings will be. You may be wondering why there are two types of bricks. The top, larger bricks are being rendered. We have space for one car - or two if you park front to back. Car parking will be under a lean-to type structure ... not exactly a double lock up garage, but we're on a budget for obvious reasons and it's better than leaving the car on the street, which we've been doing for the past three years.

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