Monday, November 16, 2009

scan day - walking on ....

egg shells ...

As much as I try to not think about our SMs and our cycle and our little ones .... today is the day. We have our five week gestational sac scans. It is currently 12 noon in Delhi, and I know our scan appts are for 1.30pm Delhi time.

I will get a call in around two hours. I know I will get this call because all Dr Shivani clients get phone calls, not emails or text messages and no-one is left to wait and wonder and stress out.

We are pregnant right now.!

I hope we are still pregnant in two hours.

I am scared we will not be pregnant in two hours.

We never know what will happen with this amazing pregnancy process,

... I am feeling very vulnerable right now. We have had so many losses, with me (4), with Nicholas at 12 weeks .... IVF losses over four years.

PLEASE ... let this be our time.


paragon2pieces said...

hello from Texas in the US. hoping that this day brings you happy news :)

tjudle said...

You're pregnant now. You will be pregnant in 2 hours. You will be pregnant next month and for 9 months after that. Then, you won't be pregnant anymore. But, you will have your babies which is even better! :)

Tigerlilycat said...

It's your time. Stay positive!!!

George said...

i have everything crossed for you M
you know your in good hands

you will be in my thoughts


Jackie said...

Repeat after me.....Everything is going to be ok.....Everything is going to be ok!

I feel it in my bones girl!


Mandy said...

Oh Am, I am crossing everything for you and hope the scan is everything u want. All the best!! GOOD LUCK!!!

Johnny and Darren said...

The time has come!