Saturday, November 14, 2009

Some pics of the mansion

Corner of lounge room - carparking goes to the right of photo.

Part of lounge room, with dining room behind.

Crap, it looks really small. New kitchen to left of pic.

Space for lead light french doors and sidelights to left of pic. Verandahs will be built on the outside of house.

I think this is the laundry and toilet to back right of pic. Jagged bricks show where door and window will go.

We are well into the build. The brickies were here last week and we kinda have walls. I had to rush out to buy window and door frames. Monday I get to spend money on things called lintels. Woo hoo!!!!

The boring pics of our build are for family and friends - people who actually know the house and the mess we are in.

I like to think as the house progresses so do our babies. If only we had so much control over nature as we do over building an extension.

We have our five week scans on Monday. I am so busy I don't think about it too much these days. It's nice to be relaxed and able to let go.


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