Thursday, December 3, 2009

Having such a good time!

We are 7 weeks and 3 days. 8 week scans on Monday. The nerves are starting.

All is going well. I had a major success today with one of my various projects I've been working on for some time. It made me so happy, laugh and feel good about the world. It is the start to closing an ugly chapter.
The bricklayers will be finished on Monday and our roof carpenter comes in next week.

My dear cousin David is here. With his dog. His rottweiler.

Well, the rottweiler is not really a rottie, it is rat dog - a shitzu crossed with some other kind of yappy small dog. Amber thinks it is a play toy. I think it is a cat with a yappy bark. This dog needs to be dressed in dog clothing.

OMG ... and does David love this dog. Unbelievable. Davis is a big hulking brick of a man, over six feet two, with muscles that come from the Polish side of the family, and a beefy attitude to match. He is HUGE. And the dog, his name is ... cop this ... Thaddeus. What a superior name for a rotten little spoilt doggie with a an attitude problem. Amber was very annoyed that "Thaddeus" has tried to take over "her" house, and not only that, invited herself up onto the blue couch within minutes of arriving.

To add insult to injury, Thaddeus got so comfortable he went for the Number One spot. Yes, he did. The Number One spot is the special place that is vehemently fought over by nephews, nieces, cats, Amber, and the occasionally, the husband. It is the place on the brown lounge where in my arms I cuddle and stroke hair. It is also my kitty Lucy's spot. Amber occasionally lugs herself up on the couch for a cuddle in the Number One spot, but doesn't last long because she is too big.

So Thaddeus - what a ridiculous name - jumped right on in there and nuzzled down, to the disgust of me, cousin David, Amber and especially Lucy, who did the puffed up hissing jealous cat act.

Ahhh, all fun and games in our home. So, nothing to report but good things. can't wait for, but am also dreading Monday.


Johnny and Darren said...

8 week scans on Monday - - 8 weeks!

Praying for good news.

Niels and Alexander said...

double fingers crossed for Monday! Just built an extra wall over the weekend to distract yourself :)
I am sending positive thoughts your way!

tjudle said...

We had a Rottie (a real one) named Atticus for 13 1/2 years. Best. Dog. Ever!

P.S. Love the new blog design. Very pretty! Hugs to you and Bob this coming Monday.

Kathryn said...

Hi Amani, Great news for you about the scan :) We are in perth as well. My partner and I are due to leave for Dr Shivani's on Dec 15.
Please feel free to ring me.
email me first on
cosgrk01 @ student . uwa . edu . au
(join it all)
I have a mini dashund named Morse. I took him on a long walk around Dalkeith this morning and now he appears to be in a dog coma (lazy hound dog :) take care and hope to hear from you, cheers, Kathryn.

Intended Parents said...

Glad everything is going well! Praying MORE good news on Monday!