Monday, December 14, 2009

Nine weeks today.

If all is still going well this is what our blobbie should look like. So much development in one short week and more to come this week. Ten weeks scan in one week. The images above are from my new favourite website The second pic says 7 weeks, 4 days, but that's from date of fertilisation, so pregnancy age is 9 weeks, 4 days. I still can't work out if the images/movies on this site are real or graphic representations. Little bubbles are so small at this stage how can they get a camera in there to film? And if they could, surely it would disturb the womb and potentially cause a miscarriage? Another of life's mysteries.

Bob is home and all is good : )))


tjudle said...

Cool! What a great website. Your little blob has eyes, ears, mouth, hands and feet at only 9 weeks. Amazing!

Welcome home, Bob! :)

Oddity Acres Clan said...

Hey there my lovie!

Just caught up on all your news, been moving again..grr.

Anyhoo you are in our prayers and thoughts daily. We send all our love and wishes to you, Bob and your bubby.


Kerrie and Mark said...

Jealous!!!!! 9 weeks is a great start!