Thursday, December 10, 2009

Show and tell

Our new kitchen space. Pretty unimpressive but it will go in this corner with an island bench etc. Anything is better than what we currently have!!!

Pic of cute little doggie Amber. She's sitting where a coffee table will go, sans electrical cord. (no, it wasn't plugged in).

View from the back door from the kitchen. This is a linen cupboard. It leads into the laundry and another door leads into second toilet. Nah, makes no sense to me either.

Windows over looking the river, dining table will go where the pile of bricks are.

Door to laundry on right, and door to second toilet on left.

My first ever baby-item purchase. A baby gate!
$120 to keep fat labrador out of the kitchen and out of the office.

Ambie is very unhappy. She no longer has full run of the house. She can no longer do the stealth sneak down the hall and into the kitchen to gobble whatever she can from the kitchen floors or benches, nor can she access my office and steal cat food. Last night she busted through the french doors at the back of my office just so she could be with me. Awwww. She loves her mummy ... and the cat food .... which is under my desk. That's a toy koala in her mouth.

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