Sunday, December 13, 2009

Surprise coming my way!

The machine thing Bob has been working offshore broke down and he will be home in the next two hours. Yay!!!! I did a massive cleaning job of the house today and lo and behold, another surprise.

Around 300 posts ago, November last year, I blogged that I had lost my birthday present - a sapphire and diamond ring. I searched the garden for it, that being the most obvious place for it to be lost because I garden with my jewellery on (I know, me bad). I thought about hiring a metal detector to find it, but didn't get around to it before the demolishers came in and knocked my yard flat. I even spoke with the vet about the possibility Amber had gobbled it up, and he suggested an X-Ray to see if it was in her tummy. I can't tell you how many piles of doogy poop I sifted through to see if she had eaten it, hoping that if she had, it would come out the other end.

Today I cleaned out a drawer in our bedroom and there it was! My ring from November 2008. Bonus! What a great day!


Doug R said...

i love stuff like this. especially at this time of year...yay!

jojo said...

bonus! sign! yay!


Stephaniekb said...

How beatiful is that! Definitely a sign of good things to come.

Johnny and Darren said...

I lost (well actually Darren did) my diamond wedding ring. Although we're not legally married I bought matching rings a few years back in Dubai. I was gardening and took it off (STUPID) and gave it to Darren to mind for me.

Later on he realised that he had lost it somewhere in the side garden beds of the house. I had a guy come up from Sydney and spent half a day searching...Still missing to this day. Maybe I will have a surprise one day in a year or two.