Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happiness ... is pink

Yes, I have broken all my own rules. (Hahaha Steph, you knew I couldn't hold out : ))) I bought baby clothes!!! And guess what - they are all pink.

No, I don't know gender of our bubble, even working with Dr Shivani, I don't get that information. It's too early anyway. Bob came home to a mountain of little pink things on Friday and he thinks I know baby's gender. No, I don't know, nor will I know. Even if I could know I wouldn't ask. I want the ultimate surprise. And next week I will buy blue.

The above purchases cost $54 including postage from Ebay. They are all 00000 and 0000. Some items are new, never worn, some are pre-loved, all are in perfect condition. I see no point in buying brand new onsies et al, some of these things cost $35 a piece. Why bother when you don't know your bub's gender?

This set is for Delhi .... where it will be summer when bubble is born. We then go back to Australia where it will be winter. By then I will know what colours to buy : ))

We've decided to have a baby shower after baby is born. I don't like baby showers anyway, think they're kinda lame, hate the stupid games one is expected to play ... but that's just me. Our baby shower will be a welcome to our family shower, and my parents and friends and family , who are spread all over the country, can come and meet baby bubble.

Happiness: ironing little itty bitty clothing for your little itty bitty bubble : )))


jojo said...

Oh, they are just gorgeous! love it, love it, love it, love it!!!


Stephaniekb said...

Well, you lasted a week or two longer than I thought you would!!! I have a nice little bundle of pre-loved yellow and green clothes -- can I send them to you? Also, even though it is warm weather in India, we found that Micah needed head-to-toe covering jumpsuits in India because little babies are cold and the hotel was very air conditioned, so I wouldn't bring too many onesies.

Mandy said...

Did i mention my middle name is PINK!!..(NOT, i just love pink).

They all look so cute...what to wear first...hummmm

tjudle said...

As much as we tell ourselves that we are going to wait to buy things, we know that this will rule will be broken by, not only me, but everyone around us. We just arrived at my in-law's in Idaho and received our first baby gift with a comment eluding to more purchases. I think we've all been waiting so long for positive news that we can't help but revel in the joy by spending money.

emma said...

I love all your pink clothes!(Light violet looks cute on little girls as well). I am addicted to buying girly clothes. Luckily, I have already been blessed with a baby girl who can wear all that stuff I accumulate. And I would also recommend you bring something little warmer. Babies tend to get chilly easily especially first few weeks. They are cold even if we are hot. I found those long-sleeved, toe covering sleepers very handy.

Have fun with shopping!!!

Rebecca said...

Looks like your blue blanket just may make it for blue week. I have been working on it non-stop. Will send it as soon as I get it finished. Thought you weren't going to get it didn't you. No I haven't forgotten. I am so happy to see all those baby things at your house....woooohoooo!

Johnny and Darren said...

Wow, that really is a mountain of pink! We have probably half a dozen pink items. All the rest is gender neutral.

I agree with you on the topic of ebay, it's a treasure trove of wonders!

On your topic of baby shower games - we will be enjoying champagne in the garden listening to music and having our hands decorated in henna. Not a lame game in site.

NWGirl said...

Classic and not to mention a bloody bargain!!! Nice spot.

crystal said...

Amani, Amani......You have every right to be excited. We have all waited long enough!