Sunday, January 17, 2010

Holiday pics and Bob's birthday

My main men. My hubby Bob and my dad. Check out poor dad's shirt. It says it all: Yes Dear. He's not really that hen-pecked, he's a man who stands on his own . . .

My niece Militza, 13. How did my bubby baby get so big? Here she is fighting over a shovel with William, 11, who can stand on his own and give as good as he gets.

I don't expect anyone to understand the importance of this holiday. I met William when he was just six. This is the very first time my family has met him. I have had a "step-son" (we don't use that term) for five years. he has finally met everyone, and he slotted in well, as we knew he would ... just one of the rabble. Such a cool kid!

Tis me!!!! A rare pic. That's my bubble Militza and me doing an aunty-niece self portrait. Took 50 shots to get a decent one : ))) Yah, that's the best I look these days : )))

Pure love. Cuddles in the heat of an Australian Christmas. I cannot believe my bubby Mitz is nearly 14 (March) and that I am 43. I just realised I am actually middle-aged. Yuck.

Bobble shares his birthday - 25 December - with Jesus Christ. Yes, he truly is the Messiah. Here he is salivating over his cheesecake birthday cake. Thanks MUM!

Our poor boy Willo. He was done in by a blue-bottle jellyfish. It took lots of vinegar and ice, and a bit o' loving to heal. Blue bottles jelly fish are standard fare in Brisbane over summer.

The welts! Poor bubba. He was so brave.

Happy Will, stealing Peter's jeep. I so wanted to let him have a drive but was banned. Fair enough, he is only 11. Next time Willo (ps. Mum and dad let me drive at 14)

Willo sporting his $100 note.

Our birthday present (with wallet) so he had spending money for his holiday. Willo was so dedicated to saving said $100 note, he earned extra money to buy his brothers souvenirs and took $100 note home to save. He just read this and his $100 is safely tucked away at his mum's house. Gotta love a kid who doesn't spend his green on crap and knows the values of money. That's our boy!

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