Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kitchen - need help

950mm fridge, with TV in it, which is just crap, but is this a good size for baby things, two adults and an 11 year old?

Finally we got off our butts and went looking at kitchens. We have a small, but not too small budget. We chose a kitchen, all okay. The questions are: and these are for people who know what it's like to have small people running around.

Do we keep the oven up high (so as to prevent burning fingers) and go with a smaller fridge: ie maximum size 950mm, or do we put the oven down low under the cooktop, with potential for burny baby fingers, but will allow us space for a bigger fridge?

We have a standard fridge of 650mm wide, and that's too small for three of us. I am thinking about baby bottles, and baby food, and the future.

Will a 950mm fridge be large enough to store baby things, or should be go for a proper double door fridge of 1200mm? I can't have a wall oven out of baby's reach and a 1200mm fridge. It's one or the other.

The things we worry about. I realise I am planning for a future I know little about. How many baby items get stored in a fridge?????



Rebekka said...

Not heaps. Maybe a jug of pre made up formula each day. You then just pour out the required amount into the bottle. Then maybe some baby food but i tend to freeze this and then defrost as required. My oven is down low and while the otside gets warm it is not hot. The microwave i would recommend putting up high. My littleone loves looking at it and it freaks me out.!

George said...

this is my job lol ( architect / interior designer)

keep oven at 900 high off floor eg: same as bench height
out of children's reach and also no bending
just open oven door grab what your cooking and either straight off the bench to oven or oven to bench
no strain
free up space under for pot draw and cooking utensils
as for fridges the best is an upside down fridge fridge on top and freezer bellow
2 door side by side you will find a hassle and also less width to take larger items
if you want any other info let me know

CharlieCat said...

I agree with George with the upside down fridge, but go for big, remember new baby and emerging teenager in Will who will soon be an all consuming teenage boy who will just eat.

Big is good,

PsychoKitty said...

A big fridge can only help with growing children. Most ovens now come insulated so that you don't burn yourself and little ones don't burn their hands when they touch them - just ask for ovens that are "Cool to the Touch" When I was in the kitchen when my son was small and he wanted to be with me I would put him in his sling on my back - totally out of the way! when he got big enough to want to help - I started teaching him how to cook - he understands the fire is hot, the pans get hot and how to touch certain things :)

Stephaniekb said...

I agree with the big fridge advice, but just personally, I find the freezer underneath style to be annoying -- have to bend down to look for things, plus it is less easy to organize. We're just starting on solid foods and I'm making batches of baby food cubes and freezing them, so being able to see everything in the freezer is important to me.

Oddity Acres Clan said...

I found with little ones, it was a good idea to have a side by side fridge/freezer.BIG is the key!

Also with the oven, I really despise the "cool touch" glass models. I understand WHY they market them, but not everyone has that sort of oven and a small child will get a rather nasty surprise, if they go to touch someone elses oven at some stage. ** yes it happens, I have seen it first hand.**

Keep your oven off the floor if financially viable, and enjoy having a new kitchen to play in with your upcomming Bub.