Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hi baby, I love you.

Forget the rest of the post ... this is the update. You are seeing bubble before Bob does as he is out to it on the lounge after a long day at work. I am the only late night stayer around here.

Is this our baby? I think so!

Heart rate: 144 bpm,
CRL: 62mm (2.44 inches, right on track) Nasal bone seen!
Gestational age: 12 weeks two days.
Ductus Venosus: shows normal flow (yeah, will google this one in the am)
Nuchal translucency: 1.3mm

... we have no obvious GCA .... GC what????

Next scan: Level 2 at 18-20 weeks.

Anyway - below is the rest of tonight's ramble before I got the above news: Blar blar-dee Blar Blar.

I've been waiting for our scans so I can post pics, but can't wait any longer. Scans done yesterday, and coming tonight. All is perfect at our 12 week scan. Bubble is alive and active, and our NT measurements show no problems.

Dr Shivani only does the NT test (the measurement of the neck to check for Trisomy 21 - Down Syndrome) at 12 weeks. With young EDs she doesn't do the PAPP-A unless there is something looking wrong. She also doesn't do the blood screens for chances of trisomy 21 or 18 (Edwards' Syndrome) at 12 weeks, these are done at quadruple screen at 16 weeks.

Well, bubble has passed with flying colours.

I am so darned HAPPY, that even I can let myself be happy for a second.

BUT still along way to go.

Let me tell you how anxious I was last night waiting for results. My legs were shaking, I was twitching, and texting one of my long-term surro buds, who returned texts telling me it would all be okay, and ... she is going to bed. Nice one surro bud!!! Go to sleep on me : ))) (You know who you are).

Bob was his usual cool, calm and collected self, saying : "Meg, it's all fine. If there was a problem she would have phoned". Then in the next breath asking "Has she phoned? Why hasn't she phoned? Have you phoned her? Call her again, no don't call her again".

We have passed a major milestone. We have progressed from embryo to fetus. In six days we are in second trimester, and I am starting to feel almost confident. I - we - have never gotten this far with any pregnancy. I - we - have always miscarried before 12 weeks (5 with me, one with Nicholas, April 2009).

Fellow IPs will know and feel to the core of their being how much we all want our results NOW, but also don't want our results. No news is good news, and whenever the doc phones when it's result time, the heart drops to the pit of the stomach and the blood runs cold. But what can we do? We all have to just have faith and run with it and hope it all works out. There are no guarantees. I hate it as much as any of you love and hate result tine. I really doesn't get any easier.

Now I actually believe we have a bubble coming I feel a new kind of stress. I feel stressed about the house. The roof carpenter has delayed three weeks. He is not coming this Monday. This puts the rest of the tradies back two weeks. Can I get our house finished by May/June? Crap, talk about nurseries, and buying baby items and organising baby showers. Try having no laundry, no washing machine, and having to lose the kitchen .. and put in a new one before bubble comes.

Stuff it all ... I'll get it done. You all know me : )))


sean said...

COngrats! this is fantastic news. i can't wait to see the pics. go relax a bit and enjoy your good news!

Mandy said...

OMG!! I am thrilled for u...so happy to see u get this far..cant wait to see the nusery, u said june right? lol

Mandy said...

OMG!! I am so thrilled for u, happy to see u get this far...cant wait to see the nursery, u said june right? lol

jojo said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news!

You're receiving the kind of news we ALL want. Woohoo!

This is a beautiful baby.


Will and Michael said...

Great news, we have been following your blog for some time now, we are so happy for you!

George said...

great news Meg
the bub looks so cute :)


crystal said...

I remember that feeling, and it is a good one. We are all pulling for you baby!

Doug R said...

sounds great...so exciting... thinking good thoughts!

Bridget said...

Beautiful news! Can't wait to hear more updates!