Monday, February 15, 2010

18 weeks!!!! and some pics

Our brickie Rod, the evil man who woke me at 7am to go get him the cement I promised to pick up over the weekend. He's looking exceedingly happy with himself. Such a great guy!!! But grrrrr to Rod. I work til 3am ... waking so early was really tough for me.

Sorry, no pics of bubble ... just the crappy house extension as per requests to show the mess we are in. We had our triple test done last week - the chances of Trisomy 18 and 21 were 1: in more than 30,000 - so no worries there.

I am hanging out for our 18 week scan, I think it's a 3D one, or that may be at 20 weeks, not sure. Either or, I am desperate to see little bubble again. I will harass Dr Shivani to get Dr Jolly to take lots and lots of baby-shaped images. Of course, the scans are done to detect abnormalities, and progress, but i admit ... I am a scan junkie. We are so spoiled by Dr Shivani getting pretty pictures every fortnight. I covet the 3D scans J and D at From India With Love just posted of Noddy!

So, at 18 weeks, if we double that we are at 36 weeks, almost half way. I know twins are considered full term at 38 weeks, but I don't think I have ever seen any Indian surro twins born at 38 weeks. Can my surro friends with singletons let me know which week your bubble came ... I don't think any Indian surro singletons have made it to 40 weeks.

The build
All the tiles from the existing house came crashing down to earth this morning. It rained concrete! I was woken at the un-Godly hour of 7am by Rod the brickie (evil man above) to go pick up five bags of cement. He wouldn't even let me have my fill of caffiene, no, I had to drive straight to Bummerings and load up the boot with cement. Cruel, just cruel.

The new roof goes on this Wednesday. On Wednesday I also lose my office : (( We are bricking up the old kitchen to make it into a bedroom, and cutting through my office (which is really the original dining room, as such we have no dining table) in order to make a passage way for the old section into the new. The cut means I lose my phone and internet connection. So if anyone doesn't hear from me as quickly as they normally would, this is why. I have to pack up my piano, filing cabinet, desk, computer, sewing gear et al and put it in the back room, which is Bob's office and is already overflowing with our laundry cupboards, washing machine, dryer and other assorted items. Arggghhhh - the nightmare of living in your house while being an owner builder. Total mayhem.

Why did I ever take this on??? Why didn't we just sell up, make a small fortune on Perth's crazy property prices, and move to the burbs into a nice, brand new double storey 5 x 3 with double lock up garage and "theatre room"? Why do I always take the path of most resistance? Because we dislike concrete tilt ups with low ceilings and no character. Yuck, yuck and more yuck. We hate being more than 5k from the city, and we LOVE our river view. It's crazy to think I could have accomplished this whole build prior to November 2009 when little Nicholas was due. But that's me ... I bite off more than I can chew and chew like crazy.

So, without adieu, here are some pics of the extension. Boring, hey? Can't wait to show pics of the finished product, if we ever get there!

View from my office window ... a roof frame!

I tried to go back to sleep this morning but this pair were stomping all over the roof!

The carport. We only have one car. Luckily the carpenter measured our car, and noted we would only have 30cm each side to park. He extended said carport by another half a metre. Phew. I knew it was drawn on the plans to satisfy our anal local council. Now it is wider. What are they going to do, ask us to rip it down and make it smaller? Good luck ....

Space between old garage (ie storage shed) and carport. Old clothes line was attached to old garage at left.

See pile of rubbish we had to climb over in order to hang up our washing. Madness. Now what can we do with this area? The plan is to eventually knock down the carport and shed and put in a double lock-up garage ... but we need the old garage/shed for storage for now. In the meantime, I will pay $1 to the person who comes up with the best idea for use of this space. I am thinking a wood-fired pizza oven, or chicken coop. Maybe an outdoor cat run for Lucy and Max.

Street view. Yep, still looks very unappealing and ugly. But what a nice roof frame. You can clearly see the size of the extension.

Our block is wide with NO backyard. The 858sqm block was subdivided in 1990. Apparently two elderly warring sisters lived in the original house. The block was divided and on the 450sqm to the left of the original house (ours) a new house was built for one of the sisters. They have since both passed on.

The original house was 200sqm and we've added 150sqm = total 350sqm of house on a 458sqm block. So squishy! No outside play areas. The front fence is going ... not sure what to put in its place. One thing I have saved for is an electronic gate. Yes, I am that lazy. No way am I going to continue to bring home groceries, park on the verge, cart the groceries through a gate with stupid dog jumping all over me, and trying to sniff bags and escape at the same time. Imagine trying to dot hat with a babe in arms?!!!! $5000 for my laziness. I deserve it!

So folks, this concludes my show and tell. Til next time ....


jojo said...

wow - that is going to be a HUGE house! wow! I'm quite blown away.

Getting there, Am...getting there.


Oddity Acres Clan said...

A chook run sounds great.. but why not got for a small vegie garden. 15 MINS a day max, to look after. Imagine all the gorgeous foods you can make for Bubby with them.

18 Weeks is AWESOME!!!!

Stephaniekb said...

7 am is going to feel like a sleep-in very soon! Glad to see you'll literally have a roof over your head, though!

Edward said...

We did a major renovation/gutting/ extending project a few years ago. And I'd rather give birth MYSELF than do it again. 3 months overdue, gazillions over budget, etc...but we do enjoy the 'after' photo that eventually came. Just think what fun comes after the construction stuff is get to decorate and choose fixtures..that's a great fun part. Good luck!

Intended Parents said...

Lila was born at 36 Weeks 6 Days. You are half way there! YAY!!!

You're going to have a lot of fun decorating your new house and baby nursery!

Anonymous said...

Charlotte was born at 35 weeks 6 days and just perfect! Good luck with bubble!

Stephaniekb said...

Micah was born at 36W, 6 D. While I was tracking, I never saw a singleton that made it past 38 weeks.I know they say there's no psychological component to going into labor, I have to heartily disagree. Our surrogate took one look at us and promptly dialated 2CM.