Monday, February 22, 2010

19 weeks today!

From my favourite site This bubble is a bit younger than ours - I think. At 19 weeks bubbles are 6-7 inches CRL, so this looks about right.

Do I have this right, at the end of 20 weeks we are five months pregnant? I am counting as month 1 - weeks 1-4; month 2 weeks 5-8; month 3 weeks 9-12; second trimester starts week 13 - month 4 weeks 13-16; 5 months weeks 17-20. Sorry for counting out loud on line. How did we get to four-and-a-half -months? WOW! It sounds so advanced.

And I'm calling it - officially half way (for Indian surrogacy-born babies).
It's looking pretty squishy in there.

Your Baby: Covered From Head To Toe
This week, your baby-to-be weighs in at an impressive 7.5 - 8 ounces (225 g) and measures 6 inches (15 cm) in length. Lanugo -- fine, downy hair -- covers his skin and a white, waxy substance (vernix caseosa) protects it during its nine-month amniotic bath. Permanent teeth buds are taking shape behind the already formed milk teeth buds.

Scan junkie here wants another peek at our bubble, but that's not til next week. Bring it on! I keep holding out my hand to see how big baby is ... definitely the size of a small kitten, but not big enough to be a real baby to love, feed , clothes and lavish with love.

House: the gutters are up, and the carpenter is tying the new roof into the old roof frame. On Wednesday the tin goes on. Next week the wall plasterer comes in - he's doing the internal plastering and external rendering. Then it's time for the ceiling fixers - after that FLOORS, glorious 4 inch jarrah floors to match the existing house. Once they are - I get a new kitchen!!!

So that's the next 4-6 weeks, which takes us to 23-25 weeks - after that it all become cosmetic.

Delhi: I am off to Delhi mid-April to see Dr Shivani and team and our SM R - who is doing very well - she is showing now - and, most importantly, our little baby. We will be 26/27 weeks then, so hopefully I can video my own scan. (I'll bet they don't go near the "gender"parts).

It's all happening. Dear God, please let nothing go wrong. I couldn't bear it.


Stephaniekb said...

How beatuiful! You're definitely more than half-way there!

Johnny and Darren said...


CharlieCat said...

Your baby is in the best of hands and all will be well.
20 weeks babe, almost there,
much love CC& John

Mandy said...

Aww, 19 weeks, where the hell was I?? Here is to a boring 21 weeks!!

I couldnt bear it either girl!!

Daria said...

Very happy for you and this success is long over due. Hope all goes according to plan :)

jojo said...

Congratulations!!!! You'll be just fine, and so will bub.

He or she is beautiful!


ps word verification was 'bulnalla', as in 'no balls'

Oddity Acres Clan said...

Oh we are so excited for you all.