Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby pics!!!

I got a special surprise last night. 3D baby pics. Dr Shivani phoned to tell me to not worry about the black hole in the top baby's head. 18 weeks is too early for the scanner to fill in the bits where the head plates haven't fused. 3D pics are better in third trimester.

Baby looks like Bob, same face shape, mouth and nose. We are half way there, though due date is 17 July, that's 40 weeks, and my Indian surrogacy mummy survey shows no single bubble came before 38 weeks ...

At last I feel like we are really pregnant and we really have our beloved little one coming mid-year. I am convinced we have a boy.


CharlieCat said...

your baby is beautiful.
Almost there babe,
much love CC & john

Johnny and Darren said...

There really is nothing like the
3D scan hey? Your little love looks perfect in every way.

Congrats guys. All good things you know!

Oddity Acres Clan said...

GORGEOUS lil bubble!

Not long now to wait Mummy. :-)

tjudle said...

Wow! 3D scan at 18 weeks. I thought that came at 20. Lookin' good!

Stephaniekb said...

Wow o wow! Micah is looking forward to having an international pen-pal in about 8 years! So all those girl-proving tests convinced you you're having a boy??? You are a contrarian!