Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I am finally confident enough to start planning our nursery.

As you know, we are adding an extension on an old 2-bedroom, one bathroom home on the river 5k from the city of Perth. The extension makes way for a new kitchen, dining and lounge room - so we have three extra rooms in the existing house. Yay! A choice of five rooms to choose for a nursery.

We are going with the theme of forest friends. Nature and our garden and our animals are a major part of our lives and our joy, and we would prefer to raise a peaceful nature-loving hippie, than an over educated, over- stressed perfectionistic achiever like mum and dad.

It has been decided! Bubble goes into the back bedroom, which is Willo's old room, and Bob's current office, and storage room for all the crap from my office, my old business, laundry et al.

I decorated this room for Willo in 2006 when we moved in. It is painted a light blue/green - very pale, but still with colour. The colour will tie in with blue - for a boy, or pink - for a girl.

I spent yesterday searching for vinyl wall decals. Normally I would paint murals myself, but I simply do not have the time nor the space to do this. I am loving the vinyl stick-on, removable range of decorating loveliness one can buy, then pull off when bubble is too old for said design and replace with whatever.

Here is a sneak peak.


The tree, not the bed .... then we can add some forest friends


Same decal, then

we can add pinky girly nature friends ...

and flowers

maybe butterflies

20 weeks is where it gets FUN : )))


Anonymous said...

I love the murals!

jojo said...

this'll be gorgeous! loving the decal.

and did you notice little humble bee made an appearance in the boys room? hmmm....what culd that mean?

lol x

Johnny and Darren said...

Oooh I LOVE the decals!

SurroWorld said...

You are good at what you do. The murals are fantastic. Are you a photographer? I haven't heard many india surrogacy stories from start to end so I would love to keep in touch with you. My blog is if you wanted to keep in touch. I love hearing and keeping up with new stories.

Amani said...

Jo, it means it's a boy - I bought boy clothes today!!!

Also two of one gorgeous little suit - it was a set for twins, so one is coming to you.

Amani said...

Hi Surro world,

I take photos and I have some training from my day as a journo, but would not call myself a good photographer.

The decal is a vinyl stick on thing. I do paint canvasses - in acrylics, just learning so I'll paint a canvas that matches the decal.

Have added you to my blog list.

jojo said...

nice one - fanks! bet your timing will be great again. :)