Wednesday, March 31, 2010

24 weeks 2 days WHOOT!

Baby news
We hit 24 weeks on Monday - more scans coming this week - and a surprise - a belly pic of SMR. Yes! I've been bugging Dr S to organise belly pics for our blog and forum parent and she has succumbed to my charms (pressure : ) She understands that we are all so far away from our babies we need as much information as we can get. It's going to be a pain in the proverbial to organise this as the scan place is nowhere near the offices, but she's got the remarkable Laxmi onto the job.

The house
The race is very much on to get this house done as you know. This week has been super-noisy. The battens for our floorboards are in and the installer has started laying our recycled jarrah floorboards. That will be finished by the end of the week. Next week we get windows and doors. I can't wait to show you all those gorgeous lead light windows we salvaged, fixed up and installed in their jarrah frames.

After windows and doors, we have the toilet and laundry floors tiled, then the ceilings go in. That takes us up to 27 weeks - these days I count everything in pregnancy weeks. After that - in goes out kitchen!

We are expecting a return on an investment and have gone with the more expensive kitchen with the granite bench top. The kitchen is being being made now, and will be ready as soon as the ceilings are in. Yes, it's more expensive than we wanted to ay, buthey - let's go the whole hog given I am trying to make a 1950's post-war house look art deco. We both agreed on the kictehn, I got the black granite with gold fleck bench tops, but Bob drew the line at red cabinets : ((( I may still get my way.

Provided we have a functioning kitchen and laundry by the end of 32 weeks the rest can wait til after baby comes.


jojo said...

cooleo! so excited about belly pictures!!

and congrats on house and baby milestone. getting really exciing now!


ps - wv was 'hordedst', as in the hordedst part is over.

Edward said...

You're a rock star! Way to get the belly photos organized!
And go to town on the kitchen won't do it again for ages and you'll always remember the little things you didn't do to save a buck now.
Oh, and congrats on 24 weeks and 2 days too! :-)