Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The mess that is our home! and Meg's gay rant.

We have the best-ever team of guys working on our house. Last Friday I fessed up about baby. Of course, I had to explain the whole IVF/surrogacy thing, down to the finer details of the fun-in-a-cup to how IVF docs extract eggs, onto why we can't do this in Australia ... that conversation required a couple of beers for the boys. It then led to "Who has to do this?" So I told them - normal average people like me and Bob ... and ... our gay couples who, like me and thousands of women, who were simply were not born with the right plumbing to make babies.

That's where the conversation went South.

Gay guys being parents?!!! OMGOD!!!!

"The kids are going to grow up screwed up." No, studies show children with same sex parents are emotionally well-adjusted, intelligent, very loved and very capable.

"It's just not right - nature made a man and a woman, and that's how it's meant to be". Says who? Hmm, some head-scratching then ensued.

"They will grow up gay" ... And the problem with that is?

"They will be teased at school" ... Sure kids get teased, about all sorts of things, but kids with same sex parents only get teased by kids brought up by narrow-minded parents who teach them to judge.

"You are homophobes", I declared.

"No I'm not".

"Me either"

"Yes you are!"

Then finally, and I have to say, I love this old cherry, as disgusting as it is, "If we accept homosexuality, where will it end? Will society then start accepting it is okay to sleep with children, or .. dogs?"

And that's when I went off. They got the biggest lecture ever - about children and dogs not being able to give consent. "It's love that counts" and "Homosexuality is not a lifestyle choice" and .. and .. and, you can all work it out. We didn't quite get to the Bible and how homosexuality is a sin in God's eyes .. but I was ready! God Hates Lobster!

I think they were quite Gobsmacked when I told them that homosexuality is not a modern day phenomena; that homosexuality occurs in nature amongst animals, in history, society has not accepted pedophilia, nor bestiality, and never will, despite the fact that men have been loving men, an women loving women for years longer than we can count.

I then got off my soapbox, encouraged them to watch my friends Trev and Pete and their gorgeous girls Gaia and Evelyn on 60 Minutes Sunday night. I asked them to open their minds. I said, " These are my very close friends. You know me, and you trust me. We like each other. Do you think bob and I would ever befriend people who were doing things that are wrong?" More head scratching.

I doubt they watched 60 Minutes. But I hope I opened windows in some closed minds, just a fraction. Whether I did or not, they sure learned a lesson about surrogacy in India and I think that is good enough for now.

I digress - back to the build.

Monday - public holiday here in Perth - they show up for work. More work done ; )). Today, Tuesday, our demo guy came to saw through the brick walls in the old part of the house. He stomped on in saying: "I hear congratulations are in order". Yep, the bunch of girly gossips have all been talking. They are thoroughly interested in what we're doing, but best of all - they see our need to get this extension finished as soon as possible. They have ALL reorganised their schedules to help us get this job done sooner rather than later. What a swell bunch - homophobes that they are - we will owe them a LOT of beer!

So I present to you, the messiest day thus far.

Our house has a huge hole in its side. We don't exactly have good security going on here. Tonight we are sleeping in the lounge room hugging our massive collection of heirloom family jewellery, our bundles of cash from under the mattress, the extensive 18th Century original art collection, a large base ball bat and Amber-dog, our 35 kilos of gut-crunching terror killer labrador. Grrrrr!

The window to what was originally the dining room, then since 2006, my office. There is $600 worth of jarrah timber frames in that window I can recycle to replace the only window in the house that is an ugly old 1970's aluminium slider. Why buy new when one can recycle?

Spookily dark view from inside my old office. Nice hole guys!

Awww - wiring ... I have 25 halogen lights to buy. Check out that hole! office - GONE! Check out little kitty Max sussing out the new hole.

Street view. Yeah, send Google street view round now - it's a building site. See the new roof on the new part. They will be finished the roof on the original section this week : )) That horrible asbestos front fence is on its way out on Friday.

We've lost yet another room. My old office ... by God we're cramped in here.

My poor garden. Ugh. I have removed as many plants as I could. The small green things are a 2 year-old mandarin tree, and a 2 year old orange tree. I have big-arsed pots for them to live in until we can replant. Look at poor orange tree to the right ... it is going to the farm in the country on Friday. RIP. You have been a very good tree.

The sand and tile pit. Rubble at the end of the day was around four feet in height. One day this will be a courtyard.

Our Clint, the het poster-boy for my gay friends. Last time Clint visited he was very keen to be photographed. I told him I blogged his pics and all the gay dudes thought he was super-cute. Today he refused to have his pic taken. I got him anyway. I am loving this shot ... Friday, he will see it and make me take it down.


Edward said...

Go get ‘em Meg! I’m always puzzled by those who need to place judgment on the fitness of parenting potential. When we come across bigotry, I always say 'Be careful, you may be what you fear most!'

You can’t change the world all at once but I’m glad you said something when something needed to be said! At least those chaps are made to think.

And tell them to get back to work and finish the darn house…you got a baby coming!!! (And probably a few gays to help you decorate!)

Jason and Adrián said...

Meg, people like you make my day.


Stephaniekb said...

Nice job with educating AND motivating the contractors to get moving! Your house is going to be so gorgous!!!!

Greg and Rob said...

Well Said! I am so glad there are people like you to take up for us gays. Congrats on 5 weeks!! The house is coming along nicely. Can't wait to see more updates.

Niels and Alexander said...

Thanks for your rant!
The house is going to be amazing: the contractors know at least not to mess with you:)