Sunday, April 25, 2010

In the home stretch - Third trimester!

Oh boy is the hard work going on to get this house ready before baby. We have eight short weeks before we leave for Delhi. We've decided to go at the start of 36 weeks as we don't want to miss this little itty bitty baby's birth. In a few days time it will be May, and in May we are having a baby "next month". Oh God, you should see how hard we are working. The painting will be finished tomorrow (sans doors and windows). The floor sanders come in Tuesday morning to sand and polish, then next week we should have a fully functioning laundry.

Our other big news: meet Kata, my 18yo niece - our new house-mate/nanny/wandering minstrel who is undecided about what to do with her life, so she can live here and paint for her keep. We are going with the pistachio green for the feature wall Kata is posing in front of. The stone colour to the right (not far right - blerk) is the colour for the extension walls. To the left of pic is the door to the linen cupboard, and behind the feature wall is the entrance to toilet and laundry, to the right is where new kitchen will go. We have a big day of painting ahead of tomorrow. I have almost finished the second coat on the fiddly decorative trim, there is half the second coat on the ceiling to do, then I will be up the trestle cutting in the wall colours. This is such hard work, the ceilings are 12 feet high. Ah well, time to rest after baby comes : ))


Sarah said...

I'm so happy to read you so happy Am. Yay for June babies!!

Hugs and love,

P.S. Remember me?

CocoaMasala said...

Congrats on making it to the Thrid Tri!

jojo said...

Haha. Rest after baby comes. You're so funny!

Everything's looking great! You're really coming along.

We've got all that housey stuff waiting for us on our return from Sydney. Yuk!


Stephaniekb said...

House is going to look utterly marvelous!!! I think that you actually ARE going to get more rest when the baby comes!

Niels and Alexander said...

I really had to laugh that you'll have time to rest once your baby is born, but on the other hand; buildingsites are even more stressful perhaps haha. Look forward to the finished version! You're almost on your way to India; yay!!

Johnny and Darren said...

3rd trimester. Isn't that simply wonderful, divine and delicious!

coco said...

joining this blog community has to be counted among the most exciting and best things to ever happen to me. to be so happy for all of you, to feel apart of your lives, cry when you cry, pray for you all and hold you all as such a tender and special part of my life. i have never been so happy and excited for people i have never even met. i am so anxious for you all. i am on the countdown with you amani. i hope with all my heart and soul that we will be next