Thursday, April 1, 2010

Introducing ... our front bump!

Our bump! Don't look side on as I did, and think "what a lovely slim pregnant lady" the pic is taken from front on, so belly is poking out the front. Our SMR was very shy and squirmy and ran away from the camera. Bless her. A bump is a bump, I see a bump and I am loving that bump! I have a gift for SMR that I have had tucked away for ages. Dr Shivani doesn't encourage gift-giving until after baby is born. I am busting to send it and to write SMR a card and tell her how wonderful I think she is, and what an amazing job she is doing. But we have to wait.

The stats for today's scan - April Fools Day 2010

Gestational age: 25 weeks 3 days (we are 24 weeks 3 days, so a week ahead).
Weight: 729 grams (approx. 1.9 pounds) - a little fattie.

Baby is breach. So look at pic and think head up bum down. First time we've had a scan showing how baby is lying. I feel better thinking of baby not being upside down with his/her head close to SMR's heart.

All else reported is boring and normal.

Finally, congratulations to Greg and Rob over at Our Adventure to Fatherhood on the birth of their beautiful daughter Addison Claire - and thanks for being the fastest bloggers ever to post pics so we can all share your joy.


Edward said...

That's awesome! There are so many bumps in the road for this process....finally one we love!!!

Sarah said...

Time sure is speeding along. 25 weeks! Congrats! I totally looked side on too! Your GS looks lovely!

CocoaMasala said...

What a great picture, your pregnancy is flying by ;)

jojo said...

love that bump!!

congrats, darlin!


George said...

can i rub her belly for good luck?
looks like she dressed in all her finest for the pic, and she said she is shy? lol

Johnny and Darren said...

Great picture, you both must be happy to have this. I know when we received ours it took pride of place on the fridge door.

Wonderful! And, what a gorgeous saree.

Jackie said...

Hey toots! I got all goose pimply when I saw your bump!

Love it, Love it, Love it!

Shannon said...

We love seeing that baby bump! Waaahoooo! xo

Anonymous said...

Great! Congratulations! Looks like we are just as far with our baby :-) We will be in Mumbai in the beginning of July.