Thursday, April 8, 2010

We're booked!

Before I get posting: we are all waiting with great anticipation for the arrival of Johnny and Darren's little Noddy. I met J and D online end of 2008 when we were about to go to Mumbai for our first trip. back then J and D had to save the bucks and wait for ages to cycle, but they hung in there, and now look at them. There is a positive end to this journey for most of us.

(post pics!!!)

Yes, we have booked our accommodation for baby pick-up!!! Can you believe it is only 12 weeks away. As write this I sudden;y think - that's three months - easy peasy. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself, but this is now so real, and every single day our lives change so much we don't know how we will be when we come out the end of it. I don't know there ever will be an end of it because once you finally get the babe you have dreamed of, for so long, safe in your arms, the time goes so fast. I am yet to experience that.

I have not blogged for a whole week. Yes me - the prolific blogger. I don't know where the last week went. Suddenly we are 25 weeks in 3 days time. Woah! How did that happen? I hear from my fellow surrogacy mummies a similar complaint: How did my newborn get so big?!!! I skype with a few Indian surrogacy mummies and holy crap, their bubbles are wearing real clothing and looking like children!

Our updates:

Our baby pick up
We have booked our accommodation, pics to follow. SCI has organised a discount rate forclients. NICE!!!! We are staying at . There are 3 x studio apartments with balconies, 3x one bedroom apartments (no balconies, so we have opted for a studio), and 3 x three bedroom apartments, all a 10 minute drive to Phoenix Hospital and 10 mins to FRRO and the embassies. Apartments are fully serviced. Last thing I plan to do with a new baby is cook and clean.

SCI is providing clients with the basics for new parenthood: cots, bassinettes, bottle warmers, sterilisers ... oh, and anything else you can think of, SCI will provide. This is part of the SCI service. Un-bloody-believable!!! We also have a cook on demand and a driver to get us to those very important appointments at FRRO and our embassies.

Because there are so many couples heading for Delhi for baby pickup - SCI is organising a similar deal with a range of serviced-apartments. We have around ten of our forum couples with baby pick-up in October, coinciding with the Commonwealth Games. Accommodation will be scarce, so the delightful Shilpi has been running around all over Delhi telling people she needs their apartments, at the most busy time in ages, and she wants a discount of rack rates. And she is getting it! Way to go Shilpi! We love you!!!! This is Shilpi.

Our apartments in Delhi.

I was going to blog a whole lot more, but there is so much to say! Back soon with a video of the house extension. We have ceilings and floors, cornices, and we start the internal paint Tuesday next week.


Edward said...

Apartments look very nice...and convenient!
Geez...I gotta start looking at a calendar. 37 weeks for us is Oct 16. Are we in that October list? AHHHH!

WendyandTyler said...

12 weeks is going to FLY by, and then your baby will be here (Yeah!). We love your temporary home in Delhi - it seems like it has everything you could need (will you really want to go back home after having a cook and a driver?? :).

Johnny and Darren said...


Stephen and Daria Crater said...

It is so nice to read that you are booking flights for baby pick up. What a journey you have been on and now look at you! I am so happy for you and your family. Good things come to those who wait. Can't wait to hear more :)

CocoaMasala said...

Amani thanks for sharing this info and I can't believe so much is being provided by SCI! That is awesome and I love the pics of the apartments! You are busy, busy, busy and before you know it you baby will be here ;)