Tuesday, May 11, 2010

30 weeks, we're booked - nursery pic

We were 30 weeks yesterday. The baby in that image above is looking pretty big. Woah, we have a baby coming. We've booked tickets for start of 37 weeks. I hope babe holds out that long as there were no other flights out. As it is we have to go direct to Mumbai, have an overnight stay, then fly to Delhi the following day.

We get a laundry this week. Just spent a bucket of money on tiling, toilet, laundry tub, hand basin with pedestal ... and the list goes on.

The painting is done, apart from enameling internal doors and a few small touch ups.

Thursday/Friday laundry and toilet goes in.

Friday - lights go in and we have power. Whoot.

Saturday- lead light windows and french doors go in. We have to board up the sidelights and one other window as they won't be done before we leave.

Tuesday - floors are being sanded and polished.

Kitchen is ordered - delivery is June 2, installation June 3 and 4, bench tops go in June 6-17

... and we fly out June 22.

talk about cutting things fine.

At least after the floors are polished we can move the lounge room furniture out of the current lounge room and set up for baby. This means I can buy a cot! Fortunately the room is newly painted - only thing that needs doing is floor sanding and polishing, but I don't think we'll get that done in time. Oh well, baby won't notice.

I leave you with a pic of the room earmarked for the nursery (old dining room, old my office, new passageway - won't be finished, hence the move to the largest room in the house - lucky baby, poor Willo and Kata.)

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