Monday, May 31, 2010

Show and tell time folks ... 33 weeks

After last night's odd messages showing up and emails from followers that I know none of you wrote (someone was wanting me to give your contact details and passwords - as if I would have them anyway ... stupid spammer), now my mobile has gone missing/is busted - and yours truly cut through the home phone line while renovating - and that will take til the end of the week to get repaired. Not that I can call the repair people anyway - still have to figure that one out. So, internet only for now.

Baby scan update
New scan came in tonight, no pics : (( I think that's next week. Baby is now measuring 34 weeks and weighs 4.925 pounds (2.23 kilos) = all good. Fattie still has a big head measuring 35.5 weeks. Ouch. Makes me cross my legs.

Baby shower for two
I woke up at 4.30pm topday : )) Nice sleep. And there were two pressies. Thanks to Mrs Humblebee for the Greenies for Amber. She gobbled one up and said "When are you sending me more? I think there's a baby coming to live here. Can you take me in and feed me Greenies all day?" Thanks Jo Jo terrific.

Our other box from CC and John over at Chai Baby was chock full- o' goodies. Note to self, don't tip the box upside down to get to the presents faster, you get packing foam all over the floor.

Baby items!

Clothing, bottles, a microwave bottle steriliser. Someone was afraid we would get "the call" and have nothing to feed baby with. Thank you so very much!!!

Ooooooh - a bottle steriliser.

And bottles!

Is this what you do with them?

Bob works out how to drive a swaddle wrap.

There is a hole in the back near the bum we're not sure what to do with. Bob thinks it's to attached a harness to baby - through baby's clothes? And hook it onto what husband dear? I think it's a hole so you can put your fingers down the back of nappy to see if baby is wet or poopie.

Froggie!!! I LOVE this!! It just needs ears, but frogs don't have ears. Or do they?

All gender neutral, as it needs to be. Kata pinched all my makeup! Not even an old lipstick left in the house. So here I am in my tired bare-faced glory. This is my natural hair colour ... time for some foils me thinks.

Poor Amber, she sniffed all the baby clothes. She's knows something's in the wind, and it smells like the imminent stench of baby poo in the morning.

Kitchen was installed last week, but we don't get bench top until Friday, then the appliances go in, the power is turned on and we can get the floors polished. Once that is done, we can move in and finally use the extension. Oh what a joy that will be. I am so sick of these cramped conditions, clothes everywhere and nowhere to put them.

Unusable but finally in. Benchtops are black granite with a silver fleck. We're putting in a deep red glass splash back along the wall above countertops and above the sink, and maybe behind the range hood. Yes that powerpoint above the cooktop is in the wrong place and will have to be moved : ((

Room for a 1.5 door fridge. Shame we can't afford it now. We even have a pantry and broom cupboard ( missing from current kitchen) What luxury.

Not long now ... everything is so hectic here and I am running out of steam. I find myself trying to keep up with things and operate at the same pace I have been for months, but I just can't. This gal is finally out of energy. I guess if I was 33 weeks pregnant myself I wouldn't be doing a whole lot - so being eight-months pregnant is my excuse for lounging around in my bathrobe all day. Thankfully the cooler weather has come and I love being cold and snuggling under a feather doona watching garbage TV.

We've contacted the Australian High Commission in Delhi and are waiting for a client number so we can order DNA tests. Tickets are booked for June 22. We're exhausted and out of money, but we made it pretty far on the budget considering it only included a crappy kitchen, no verandahs, no new roof and and aluminium doors and windows, certainly no lead lights.

When do I get to say "Phew!"? maybe a week before we leave, then our lives will do a 180 degree turn yet again. I am having trouble keeping up with what is going on. I have no idea what it will be like having a baby in the house. I am completely unprepared for motherhood. While I don't doubt my abilities, and I have a lot of help, as I am about to walk through the door to being a full-time parent, I enter with a little more trepidation and some anxiety. It is times like now that I am so glad we are not collecting twins. My hat goes off to those families with two or more babes.

I wonder what life will be like in 4-5 weeks? What does one do when two major goals - the extension and bringing home our baby - have been reached? I have been working on both for three years now. I know babe will take up a lot of time, but I still find myself wondering if I could pick up my Masters and squeeze in a couple of subjects at uni next year when babe will be six-months old. Nooooo!!! I hear Tigerlilycat scream ; )) I guess I am going to have to learn to chill, and devote all my time and attention to being the mother and domestic goddess I have always wanted to be.

Good things like this happen on other people's blogs. I have watched so many babies being born and taken home. The oldest are more than one now (Mike and Mike's girls and little Riley). people who came to Indian surrogacy well after me have their babes home. It was like always being the bridesmaid and never the bride.

Now it's our turn and we deserve it!!!


Stephaniekb said...

Take a deep breath, girlfriend!!!! I know this is going to seem hard to believe, but I am forecasting that once you get home from India, you'll have time to relax and get into the swing of just being absorbed in baby. One baby is much much easier than two, and you will have some down time, since babies (even up to a year) sleep a lot. You might even have time for that uni course! Most of all, enjoy -- this is your time! House looks gorgous, by the way! Sorry to hear you got hacked.

Mike and Mike said...

Totally agree with Stephanie...deep breath. And get as much sleep as you can! You don't want to be so exhausted you can't properly enjoy the moment. You and Bob have waited and persevered for a long time. Time passes so quickly. It's hard to believe we have 1 year-olds breath...and enjoy because before you know it, you will also be chasing after a one-year-old!

Mike A.

coco said...

wow the house is really coming along and 34 weeks all at the same time. i cant wait until you get on that plane. today is june 2 only 20 more days to go