Saturday, May 1, 2010

Upside Down Miss Jane ... baby has turned

Aww little baby, little hand, BIG nose. I'm in love. Baby has turned around and is cephalic position (upside down). Bubble weighs 1.5 kilos (about 3.3 pounds) having put on a pound in the past two weeks. S/he is measuring 30 weeks, though we are 29 weeks on Monday.


I can't believe it! This baby has been so loved for so very long, and so long in the making. So hard fought for, and so cherished s/he is, and always will be, our biggest achievement in life.

Now that's a better looking nose. Really, I don't care. It's Bob's nose, and Bob's mouth, Bob's lips, and OUR baby. I don't care if s/he comes out green at this stage.

Okay I've cropped the above photo... here it is in its original form ... you may recognise our baby as being the model for ....

The Scream!

"Life is so tiring .. boo hoo"

We've made the call on dates. We will leave in six weeks time - around 14th June. Bubble will be 35 weeks. If bubble keeps putting weight on at its current rate - one pound per fortnight - s/he will be approx. 6.5 pounds at 35 weeks. We are NOT missing this birth!!!

I've called my mum and told her to book her flights for eight weeks time. She is ecstatic. "Oh Megan, a baby in the house again after so long ..." My dad is tearing up at the scans ... he's such a softie family man. The house is nowhere near finished, but mum and dad can supervise installation of the bench top in the kitchen and help with tying up some loose painting and baby needs - like taking delivery of the cot and going through my purchases to make sure I have everything baby needs.

Oh boy .... we're having a baby next month!!!!


WendyandTyler said...

Yeah! Baby Scream is beautiful - we can't wait to see more pictures. 6 weeks will fly by and you'll be in India before you know it. Can't wait to hear more :)

Will and Michael said...

Congratulations again!!!! Very envious and some great happy snaps there for the baby album!!!

Fredrik said...

What wonderful pictures. Time flies, that for sure! Good luck with everything.

Edward said...

LOL. Next month will be here before you know it...and you'll have a real screamer! :-)
Get that paint to dry on your extension!!!!

CocoaMasala said...

Great pictures! I just know you are having a boy ;)

jojo said...

Wow - what a gorgeous little baby! OMG!!!! Next month.

You're in my thoughts a lot now, chicka. I'm so excited and happy for you!


Stephaniekb said...

whoo hooooo!!! Happy dance! What sweet baby face. It is going to be so amazing when baby arrives and you say "I know you!!"

2 AFRO DADS said...

This is the home stretch!

Best Wishes!!