Sunday, June 13, 2010

10pm and we're done and almost dusted

Whoot. Bob and I have been painting - all week. Enamel, on the doors and door frames. Oh yuck. How much do I hate enamel paint? I can not even begin to tell you how revoltingly painty this past week has been.

We have power and gas on to the extension. We have lights! We have appliances on (sans new fridge and dishwasher - both in my office). We could actually move in right now and it will all work. But ... floors.

Tonight, 6 days off going to Delhi, we just finished the last bits of painting, and got the first coat of varnish on the lead light windows and doors. God, it is amazing. I have been in varnishing heaven. Humblebee - yes, it was 100% pure jarrah wood porn. You would have loved my squeals of delight. I love timber. If only I could take a pic and show you the how the knots and swirls and aging glory of the old timber have come out. I swear I will marry the windows and doors if I ever get time.

Tomorrow the floor sander comes in and all the crappy paint we have spilled all over the floors will be sanded off, then sealed and varnished. It will take a week until we can walk on the floors.

Baby is doing well. Dr Malik the OBGYN wants to induce on 28th June. We've decided to delay our flights by a few days so we can move furniture into the extension. The first day we can walk on the floors is next Sunday, the date we are due to fly out. I don't want to get home with a newborn and have to move furniture. It would also be nice to have a nursery set up.

As we can't do anything in the extension this week I get to rest. Yay for rest! I also get to shop for baby and will be heading to Baby on a Budget, which is conveniently having a sale, to buy baby things. I have my eye on a Fisher Price baby rocker.

That's all from here for now. It's just wait, shop, rest, and wait some more.

I really still cannot believe this is finally happening. It feels like I am buying baby things for someone else. Our lives are going to change in the most amazing, incredible, awesome way .. yet I am very calm. It is all falling into place.

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jojo said...

i couldn't be happier, reading this post.

u deserve this so much, am. you've helped so many of us over the years. be that through advice, a gag or two or words of support and comfort.

i can't wait to see u, bob and babe together at last in delhi.