Thursday, June 17, 2010

2 days to go ... the unprepared mother .. still shopping

The new chest of drawers, but in white. HUGE second drawer, will hold lots of nappies and things. From Ikea - Bob had to assemble it.

Just bought my first 36-pack of nappies. Huggies for $14.95. They won't last long.

I am washing and drying and ironing itty bitty baby things. Tigerlily sent us a HUGE parcel express post today - it is amazing what she managed to get in there. So I have a lot of pre-loved boy clothes courtesy of Taj and Alex. Oh my, they are tiny tiny little clothes. I am sharing this parcel with Orea Zoi as we are staying at the same place, along with another couple from Australia who are meeting their baby early July.

With two days to go, am I prepared? No way. I am taking last-minute instructions via email from Tigerlily, and am heading to Babies r Us to get the rest of everything we need to take with us. The suitcases are out and are being filled.

Congratulations to J whose baby boy was born last week. It will be an Aussie-fest in Delhi this month, and again in September/October with more than ten forum couples heading off to meet their little ones.

Also huge congratulations to K whose baby girl was born in Mumbai, and to my friends R and P who adopted a gorgeous little newborn boy.


tjudle said...

Yay! We're in that September/October group. Wish we were going now along with you, though. It's so hard waiting...

Oddity Acres Clan said...

Only 2 more days!! WOOOOHOOO!!

You poor frazzled lovie. GIANT HUGZ to you both. We here are so excited for you. How awesome that you are so so close to being Mummy and Daddy for real.

So proud of you guys xoxo

Tigerlilycat said...

I know why Meg hasn't got her phone fixed yet - it's so I have to give her advice via email, so she has evidence if something doesn't work at a later stage!! LMAO.

Great drawers. And nappies may go in there, or you may put them on the change table shelf instead. Or mayble both as well as the garage if you're anything like us and stock up when you find them on super special.

[word verification is 'goela' - go, go, go]

Amani said...

Haha indeed. No, I got the phone fixed - 8am this morning I was woken up by the Optus fix it guy. Grrr. Doesn't he know I need my sleep? I am 9 months pregnant!

I have followed your advice to the letter. We went to Babies R Us and I got overwhelmed, thinking I need "this, that and the other".

In our trolley we had 3 items, formula, baby wipes and a sheet set, Bob said to me, "Look - we've got everything. All babies do is eat, poo and sleep."

And I thought they did so much more. Bob even told me buying a bear for baby at this stage is just for the mother, not the baby.: (((

There go my rose-coloured glasses.

Kerrie and Mark said...

Taj and Alex hand me downs will make things easier for sure!! The fact that there is enough to share is an amazing gift. Hard to beleive your time has come. Wait til Bob finds out your wee one will do more that eat, poop and sleep!!! Safe travels, LOTS OF PICS!!!!!!!!!

Stephaniekb said...

I am getting chills of excitement for all of the upcoming births, and jealous that you'll get to hang out with Eros and Elektra.

Bob is actually right.... there's absolutely no need for anything other than diapers, bottles, formula, and crib sheets until about 4 months! (But yes, we too packed an awful lot more for our trip, including bouncy seat and something to transport baby. If I were doing it again, think I'd take the front carrier rather than a sling. You will feel ridiculous with how many suitcases you have.

Rosaline said...

I wish you both the very best. I hope all is going well for you over in India.