Monday, June 14, 2010

35 weeks - show and tell

We've been shopping! "Baby, baby on a Budget," was today's household song.

I have been waiting for this moment for so long. We are so close, and there is no more work I can do ... and I have been so patient, waiting til bub is far enough along to buy all those gorgeous little baby things we all love... working on the house and saving money so we can buy lovely things for our babe.

My, my - how annoying we don't know gender. Kata and I fell for the little blue and pink booties. So cute you could kiss them. There were some divine pink bedding sets, and some gorgeous blue boy themed sets. But we stuck with gender-neutral - white, cream and lemon - booooring.

I present to you some of today's purchases.

Cot netting. Bad cat Lucy has been caught in the cot twice. This is my attempt to keep her out. It closes at the front and covers the cot completely. She is too fat to squeeze through the slats. We'll keep the cot covered and watch what she does before baby comes. If we catch her in the cot again I'm afraid she's off to live at Camp Aunty Sally.

A baby bouncer with "soothing vibrations". Pull the banana in the middle and the lion roars (like a kitten), or the monkey says "Ha ha ha, hoo hoo hoo" and it plays a tune that I think is "Here we go loobie loo, here we go loobie lie, here we goo loobie loo, all on a Saturday night". Now that's a blast from the past. This kid stuff is so much fun!

Meg's latest bargain buy. We ordered a change table, exactly like this one for $299. Came home and picked one up at ebay for $85. I love a bargain. Must be the Scottish in me.

Baby's first toy!!!. It's a stuffed version of Amber! How could we go past it?

And finally some house pics, not that I care about the house right now, I am so over the house, I just want our baby NOW!!!!

We have lights. I had a couple of down lights moved so I can have a chandelier above the dining table, but I swear I am going to put in a mirror ball instead. How rocking to have dinner under roving disco mirror lights.

Our workable kitchen. Gas, power and water is on. Only thing to put in now is the deep red duo-glass splash back and range hood. Floors were meant to be started today but the sander got the dates wrong (grrrrrr) and I think he will be here tomorrow. I no longer care. I am over the house, completely sick to death of painting, and touching up and seeing all the flaws. I want to ignore it, go to India and meet my beloved baby. We cut it fine, and got the house livable ... bravo team Meg, Bob and Kata!!!


Stephaniekb said...

Brava indeed! Nice work, now sit back and catch your breath for a minute!

We found the baby bouncer to be the most useful thing we took with us to India. It was great to be able to have someplace to put the baby down when we were eating or juggling things (or uploading photos to our blog, hint hint!)

tjudle said...

Love the kitchen! Beautiful. Wish we knew the gender, too. Our baby room is going to be green and yellow. Not that I mind because I like both of those colors. Countdown to India has begun!

Tigerlilycat said...

STAY FOCUSSED!!!! You have achieved so much and have so little to go, and believe me on this one - you will have zero time when bubs comes home. Get the renos totally out of the way so you can enjoy both bubs and your new dishwasher. You're going to love both, lol.

Ula and Saul said...

Looks like all you're missing now is the baby. Good luck and all the best. Next post or so could be with the baby pictures :)

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a while. I love your baby things (as well as the kitchen). It must be quite frustrating shopping for the baby and not knowing the gender. I am surprised that you were not told the gender. I heard that it is not legal in India, but we are going with Dr Patel and she tells foreign IPs who ask the sex of their babies in advance. I talked to several couples who went with her and they all knew what they were having weeks before the babies were born. It was so much easier for them to shop then. I guess every clinic in India is different.

Good luck on your way to pick up your baby!


Tigerlilycat said...

Christine - what Dr Patel is supposedly doing is illegal. This is not a clinic by clinic decision, it is a federal law and is clearly written in every scan clinic and on every report that you get. And why? Because of the number of female fetuses that are subsequently terminated. Between India and China it was estimated over 10 years ago that there were 1 million girls less than there should be. Scary.