Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby S update

We had a surprise scan last night. Baby is weighing 5.98 pounds and measures 35 weeks and 4 days. Heart rate is 149bpm. Perfect. There is no sign of baby coming, though s/he is upside down - so we're all ready and waiting.

Also seen on the scan is "single circum nuchal loop of cord". Dr Google tells me a single loop of cord is the umbilical cord being wrapped once around the baby's neck. This happens in approx. 20% of singleton cases, with half resolving before delivery.

Four days until we leave. We were going to delay our flights until Wednesday, so we could move furniture in, but the floor sander doesn't start until tomorrow, so there's no point in delaying as we still won't get the house moved around. That will be a job for Kata, Aunty Sally and Uncle Tim : )) (hint hint).

I dreamed last night we were in India and we had a baby boy who came earlier than expected. This is my first boy dream. Baby had white blonde hair and blue eyes, and he was chubby and healthy. In the dream I felt the most overwhelming love and I kept staring at our son, too afraid to pick him up, and not wanting to disturb him, he looked so content. In my dream I thought: "Wow, now I get it" ... I finally felt and understood what it is like to be a mother. I could just not take my eyes off our little boy.

So, now I am convinced we are having a boy, though the white blonde hair and light eyes are extremely unlikely.

Wow!!! I am going to start packing tonight. I am going to be a mummy next week or the week after at the latest!!!!!


George said...

so so happy for you
im flying out sunday HORAYYYYY! at last
good to catch up, ill be staying same place as you


Oddity Acres Clan said...

Oh what a beautiful dream!

Such great measurements for your little one as well. You are almost there folks and everyone in blogland and your real life are counting down the days right along with you.

Hugz to you both. xxoo

Will and Michael said...

Keep us posted!!! Good luck packing I am not looking forward to that!!

Kerrie and Mark said...

I can't believe you leave in 4 days!!! My guys must be so excited! Stop bloggin, start packin!!!!

.jon said...

sweetie darling,
you're almost there. i wish you the best. i have no doubt you will make a great mother despite your "occassional" difficult nature.
enjoy what is about to come your way! you have earned it as much as anyone else.
safe travels

TABI said...

This is fantastic news! It will be so soon!

WendyandTyler said...

Loved your dream - thanks for sharing that! So excited for you to meet baby, and safe travels if we don't get a chance to tell you before you leave :) You'll be a wonderful mom :)

Amani said...

jon, you are such a shit head. we are all on the same team. thanks for your well wishes, I really appreciate your love and support

.jon said...

Coming from you "shit head" is a compliment!


Of course we are on the same team! This is not a journey for anyone to attempt without the support of others who have been through it. What we are doing is so "over the top" in the minds of most people that we really need each other as a support network. And our children need to know that while their birth story is unique they are not alone and that they have many "cousins" all over the world.

All the best in India