Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's Christmas Time

We have a cot. In lounge room with the rest of us. Nowhere else to put it. It took all of my power to keep Bob from putting Amber in the cot. Cot = baby, not dog.

On the homeward run. Yesterday Santa's Sleigh arrived with our appliances on board. Four big boxes of kitchen goodness. So exciting. Can you believe I got to 43 years of age and this is my first-ever dishwasher? I have to admit, I am not a fan of the dishwasher. Don't know why, but it has always seemed a whole lot easy to gather the troops (ie me) and do the dishes in the sink. Why stack a stinky mechanical unit with things that may or may not be washed properly, then have to harass said troops (ie, self) to unload the thing and then put the contents in the cupboard? Seems like a waste of time and electricity. I guess I am to learn the virtues of a dishwasher, if there are any. The only reason we have said confounded "thing" is because our budget for appliances, which did a severe dive at the end of this job, actually allowed for this tardas.

Kata and the tardas, I hope she knows how to use it.

We were to buy everything from a company called Rick Hart. We had the whole lot quoted for and ready to go, on the Friday. I was meant to pay a 40% deposit the following Monday. Over that weekend, the company went into receivership and all over our news were stories of people losing their deposits, and/or not having goods supplied. Ouch! Lucky escape for us.

So, we get told of a "car-park sale" on Baumatic appliances. We rock-up last Friday, and guess what - they were selling all the Rick Hart stock destined to the Perth retail outlets. At 40% less. Nice. We got all the products we were going to pay $6000 for, for $3000.

Luck? Good karma? Destiny? Don't know, don't care. But I think we deserve a lucky break.

I present to you: the new kitchen!

Kata and the bench top installers.

Very plain. We're going with a deep red duo-glass splash back to brighten things up a bit ( and to tie in with the depp red leather lounge suite I covet). You can just see a bit of the silver fleck shining on the front corner of the island bench. The sparkies are here to day connecting all and sundry. We will be funcitonal by Saturday.


Kerrie and Mark said...

Looking great! I have learned to LOVE the dishwasher. Its the quickest way to tidy up the kitchen, and also free up your time. This will be very important to you in the next few weeks :)

Ula and Saul said...

The kitchen looking great! Can't wait to see the final look. You can never be unhappy of having a dishwasher. It's after diamonds, girls best friend.

Mandy said...

Wow, its coming along very nicely..we however are not functional at the moment..lol..we should be by july 9th (hopefully sooner). i cant wait to post after pics of the reno, we went with dark cabinets (like deep cheery)...big change from the white we have (in the pics). we didnt get the dishwasher, never had one so i thought whats the point now..lol..since kerry loves it we may have to reconsider..lol

ENJOY and the cot looks GREAT, i know baby will enjoy!

WendyandTyler said...

We're loving the house pictures! It's looking great, so you are ready to get that baby now (and we are very ready to see pictures! :). BTW - you'll love your dishwasher (it will definitely grow on you!)

NWGirl said...

Trust me you will LOVE that dishwasher!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe the time is almost here! We are watching and we are very excited for you. Safe Travels!!!!!
Joy and Kelly