Sunday, June 6, 2010

Leaving - this day in two weeks - 34 weeks

First some show and tell. It was a momentous day in our family life yesterday as we purchased our first-even dining suite. For five years we have eaten at the coffee table or on our laps watching TV. This is not how either of us were brought up. Bob and I both had obligatory family dinners around a family dining table, sans blaring TV disrupting family time. We simply have had nowhere to put a dining table as the teeny tiny dining room in this house has been my office. Now we have space, we have ... ta da ... solid jarrah dining suite with antique chairs.

Thank you ebay. I was online shopping for a cot and somehow managed to find my way to the antique section, as I often do. There I noted the above beauty - in Perth! There is so much to choose from in Sydney and Melbourne, but Perth hasn't quite gotten the hang of selling things on ebay, so choices for anything are severely limited. But here is she - a 1930s solid jarrah table, with eight chairs. best of all, it was in our price range and no-one had bid. I raced straight up the freeway to inspect and met the most lovely woman. The set is coming from a family home, mum dad and six kids, all now adults. Mum and dad are downsizing and sacrificing some priceless family items. I can't believe none of the six could find space or wanted this set. I guess people go for modern these days, but not me, I have always been in love with the old.

The set comes with two carver chairs. It is in excellent condition, not a thing to do. Look at the beautiful curved detail, I could stroke those curves for hours.

and six chairs. The chairs were born in the 1920s and are English oak, but stained jarrah to match the table. Okay, a bit of a restoration no-no - make one kind of wood look like a different look, but too bad.

Check out those legs! The table is one of the extending kinds. It has two sections that slot in to extend the table from a six to an eight-seater. I have been scouring shops for ages and have only found tables that extend from four to six-seaters. Underneath is the original winding mechanism that makes this happen. I was going to have one of these made as you just can't get a 6 to 8 extender, but there she was, and now she is ours!

The only problem now is: where to put her! The floors won't be finished and ready to walk on until the day before we leave for India. The old owners are moving from their house this Friday, so she has to be out by then. Ah, it was a fantastic buy and much needed, so I'll work out the logistics of how to bring her home and where to put her later.

And in other news. I am truly becoming mother-ified. I present to you our very first cot. Whoot. $92 on ebay. Can't afford a Boori now as the cot money went into the dining suite.

You gotta love ebay!!!
Finally - it's all coming together!

A big congratulations to G over at Orea Zoi on the early arrival of his twin son and daughter, Eros and Elektra. I believe dad is either on his way or is in Delhi. Our first forum babies! I feel like a proud Nona.


jojo said...

that was like furniture porn!

Edward said...

LOL! Furniture porn! are a gal after my own heart!
Meg - let us know when the dinner party is...I'll bring the wine...gorgeous set!

Tigerlilycat said...

Hoping that cot picture is off eBay and you haven't painted the nursery pink... And gorgeous dining set. I'm in on the dinner party too.

Oddity Acres Clan said...

Ohhhh LOVE that table!

Your cot is perfect as is that beautiful lullaby.

Blessings and love to you both. Counting down the days with you. xoxo

Stephaniekb said...

We'll be there for the dinner party too.... sounds like you need a table that expands a bit more!

Bob said...

So THAT's how the cot is supposed to be put together...

coco said...

this is so exciting... and to think that yes it's real. june 28th is a wonderful birthday. we're on countdown