Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Update ... we're in early labour .. post regularly updated

I'm going to keep updating this blog post as things happen so you can live it with me. You are all so very important to us and we feel your excitement and love. We can't sleep. Keep checking back for news as it happens. Scroll to the bottom for the latest. Most recent post 9:15 am Delhi time.

Rani went into hospital this morning and meds have started to induce her labour. Not a lot has happened, no real contractions, just a few twinges. She is all hooked up and being well cared for. Dr Shivani said she would update us in the morning, she is not expecting anything to happen overnight.

Dr Malik is our OBGYN. She will call if anything happens. All the phones are on and I am wide awake. I slept this afternoon, and doubt I will get much more sleep before baby is born. I can't get any deep sleep, I lie on the bed with my heart thump thump thumping, and my stomach doing butterfly leaps.

I'm not really sure how I feel. I seem to have numbed out the past few days, and I don't really feel anything. Sure, I want this to happen and I am little excited. But I have this inbuilt, prehaps protection, mechanism where whenever anything profound happens I shut down emotionally and go through the motions, doing what I have to do, without feeling too much.

I am thinking more about Rani than baby. It still feels like someone else's baby is being born, and I keep having images of Rani lying on an unfamiliar bed, being in pain. Her husband is at the hospital wither her. I want to go up and sit with her, but I doubt I would do any good, and may just make things more pressured and uncomfortable for Rani. I hope Dr Malik gives her some good drugs if she needs them, and that she enjoys them if she can. I would swap places with her in a heartbeat.

No, it has in no way even started to sink in what is about to happen., That is where my fear comes from, I am not emotionally ready for this, or feeling much at all other than worry about Rani. I am going to the hospital in the morning and hopefully I can spend some time with her, if it's okay with her.

It's 11.35pm here in Delhi, sleep is so very far away, and I have started pacing. Bob wants to go to the hospital, but there is no point, we would just be sitting outside in a hallway. This is tough.

Kara - can you email me please, I don't have your email addy here in Delhi.

Midnight update: we are having our baby TODAY!!!

Dr Shivani just phoned. Rani is having mild contractions. We can go to the hospital anytime we like. She will not get a lot of sleep tonight becuase of the contractions. If things get too much for her they will give her an epidural which will allow her to walk. She is pacing, God I feel awful for her. What an incredible woman doing this for us. I don't know if I would be any use to her. Her sister (also a pregnant surrogate) husband and children have been with her tonight, they have now gone home. Maybe we will go up. What to do. Dr Shivani just saw Rani and she is almost in tears because she loves being part of the SCI team and having visits with everyone, and now it is nearly all over. The door is always open for her. Do we stay and try and get some sleep or do we go? I don't want to be in the way.

2am update: No new news

This is Bob. Megan has crashed. I am still up, holding the fort. Late night television is my friend; infomercials and SpongeBob SquarePants dubbed in Hindi.

All the cameras and phones are charged, and the mobile has been linked to the blog so that photos can be posted hot off the press from Phoenix.

I think we will head off to the hospital at first light.

7.30am update More no new news

Bob has finally crashed. I guess he won't be heading off to the hospital at first light. I am on now on high alert duty. I hardly slept, one ear was tuned in to hear the phone that didn't ring. I freel exhausted, but surprisingly okay. I'll bet poor Rani is not as chipper as me this morning. Dr Shivani is calling at 9am with an update. Think I will go harrass Shilpi and ask her to take me out to get paper for the gifts we bought Rani, and a big card.

9:15am update: We are off to hospital!!!

The baby is coming in the next hour!!!


.jon said...

you'll all be fine. indian women are very strong and resilient despite their relatively small size.

you're about to become a mother. has it sunk in yet?

Stephaniekb said...

You will all defintely be OK; sounds like you're all getting the best of care. I also found the experience of waiting for baby and the early days in the hospital to feel very weird, like you're a bit player in someone else's drama. When I look at the photos from the first few hours of Micah's life, I look totally shocked. Reality will sink in slowly, particularly when you get to leave the hospital. The whole hospital and then paperwork process is such a gauntlet; you can relax and start fully enjoying yourself when you get home sweet home.

Amber and Brian said...

Wow! I can't believe it is actually finally happening for you! Thank you so much for sharing your story. You all are in our thoughts and prayers.

Will and Michael said...

good luck guys, much love from Australia, we are with you all the way. Thanks for the updates!! Not long now! x

Stephaniekb said...

Wow, baby's b'day will by June 29, exactly 11 months after Micah's!

Late night television will continue to be your good friend, at least for a few months!

Terry & Steve said...

Holy crap! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Meg, I sent you an email to your gmail account...

Oddity Acres Clan said...

Hey there you 2 wonderful folks.

Glad to see that Amani finally got some sleep and that you took up the blogging reins so to speak, Bob.

There is nothing I can say to you both right now that many others havnt already. Just know that so many people are sending you all their love and best wishes and cant wait to see you both holding your new child in your arms in a few short hours time.


jojo said...

Oh guys, I am just so excited and nervous and overwhelmed for and with you.

I love team Am-Bob. Go team Am-Bob, Go!!!

Can't wait to meet your baby. All my love and baby dust for this important bit.


CharlieCat said...

All our love on this long awaited day.Try and enjoy it, your going to be parents,
much love,
CC & John

NWGirl said...

Busting with excitement for you ALL!!!!!

I will be checking here frequently today like a nervous Aunty or something!!!

Edward said...

It must be daylight by now...GET UP and update us! :-)
Happy Birthday to your baby!!!!

Tigerlilycat said...


[I had a really vivid dream this morning that you had a girl]

Anonymous said...

What an exciting day! Enjoy every moment of it guys...all our thoughts and prayers are are with you.

Meg have sent you my email addy as requested.

Kara xx

coco said...

i looked up at the big beautifull full moon tonight and thought about you and how the moon shining here is the same one shining on you. don't worry. as soon as you have that darling little baby in your arms... you'll connect and knows he's yours all yours. it's your destiny

tjudle said...

Bob and Meg,

I'm so excited for you both. You will become parents today. Finally! I can't wait to read the news in a few short hours. Big hugs!


P.S. Love the pic posted via mobile phone. It's not visible on your blog, but it shows up in my Dashboard. Meg, you look so happy!

Anonymous said...

I keep checking your blog every 15 mins waiting for an update. Thinking of you both and hope everything is going ok. I feel like we are going through it with you.


Anonymous said...

So excited for you guys :) I keep checking for an update. I bet you are having the highest amount of hits on this webpage today than ever before :) I hope it doesn't crash lol.... I can't wait to see photos of your so well deserved 'happy ending'. I have been following the journey right from the start.

All the best. You guys are in my thoughts