Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Calling out to the Indian surrogacy community

Our little boy got daddy's cold and has been quite restless, snotty and generally unwell. He has seen the pediatrician, has no fever and his chest is clear, so he just has some saline drops up his nose before feeds. He is on the mend.

This worried me greatly, being my first-ever child, and being so little, it is emotionally wrenching to see such a tiny little lamb so distressed.

... which leads me to the title of this blog. Toby having a cold is nothing compared to the agony and ecstasy of our new bloggers Sam and Phil. I can only imagine how rough things are for them. Ben and his twin brother Zac were born on July 4 at 27 weeks. Tragically Zac has passed away and Ben is in Delhi Newborn Centre (Level 5 NICU) where he is stable and improving day by day.

Can our beautiful surrogacy friends from all over the world please head over to Sam, Phil and little Ben at Please add this new family to your blog lists and support them with your love and prayers.

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Trea said...

Amani and Bob

Wow so much has happened lately and most importantly congratulations on the safe arrival of Toby. Fabulous news!! Prayers aplenty happening for baby Ben.

Cheers Trea