Sunday, July 11, 2010

Don't let his angelic looks fool you...

...he was a little monster last night.

Mind you, the pre-storm heat and power failure didn't help. We had to give him a cool sponge down to stop thermal runaway.

All good now!


Anonymous said...

byzerieToby is absolutely gorgeous!

jojo said...

aawww.....he is just so adorable :) wish i was there to give him (and u) a big cuddle.


wv is cootri, as in cutie :)

Anonymous said...

Your boy is precious! Congratulations and getting through the process and now having an amazing addition to your family.

We are just beginning the entire process (using the same clinic & Dr. Shivani, you did) and hoping you can answer a couple quick questions for us. Its a scary process and being that you have just gone through it we are hoping you can put our mind at ease - a bit.

Can you email me at

I can imagine you are busy with your little guy so I will keep it very quick and brief.

Thanks much!!
Andrea and Chuck

Ula and Saul said...

He is the most addorable monster ever!