Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fun with Google Maps

I have been spending my time, between entertaining Toby and dealing with bureaucrats, logging key locations in New Delhi on my GPS and transferring them to Google Maps. Feel free to comment. It is a work in progress.

Update! Permanent link now located on sidebar! --->


jojo said...

That's so terrifically helpful! Thank you!

Big pinch of the cheeks to your gorgeous little bundle!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant!!! You are a genius :) Love it, love it, love it!! Toby is gorgeous btw... My little babies are now 2 year old toddlers. They grow up far too quickly :(


Anonymous said...


love your wife

Anonymous said...

What a great team you and Meg are! This will be very very helpful to many.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, FYI, there is also a little hole in the wall bottle shop in M Block Markets. it is near the Phoenix hospital end of M Block Markets. You have to walk down a set of stairs. It is about 50 m along from the Phoenix hospital end of the Markets. We discovered it by accident when we were visiting Dr Shivani in October. Peter.

CharlieCat said...

You are a Geek, there is no denying it!
But Geeks can be helpful,