Thursday, July 1, 2010

Getting to know Toby ... Video

We were lucky to spend an hour with Toby today. The nursery is very small at Phoenix Hospital, and the nurses like strict old-fashioned matrons. My 20 words of Hindi - yes, I'm up to 20 words now - don't help, though they do understand doodh ki bottle (bottle of milk), but laugh.

PH owner and Citizen of the Year, Dr Deepak Seghal, kindly allowed us some family time in his office. After making our baby cry when he gave him his first needle (BCG vaccination for tuberculosis), he departed and we looked over every inch of our gorgeous little fellow.

Of course we videoed everything for friends and families - especially Nanny Mary and Grandma Bev - back home. Today Bob had his first hold. Toby opened his eyes properly for the first time and looked around at the world. Bob is sure he is advanced as his eyes appear to follow voices. After wresting baby off Bob, mummy got to sing to her sweet babe.

Toby likes being sung to and being rocked. He is a very calm baby and settles quickly. Voices soothe him. He calms us and we feel such peace when we are with him, which lasts long after we leave.

It was a magical hour and we reluctantly had to hand him back to cranky head nurse, as it was time for doodh ki bottle.

Tomorrow morning we go in and feed Toby and bath him. PH only allows one person in the nursery at a time, so I'll graciously let Bob do the first nappy change.


Stephaniekb said...

Hope they discharge him soon so you can cuddle to your hearts' content! What a beautiful baby. I am so very happy for you both.

BTW, I think all babies are born with flat feet and bow legs, so don't start telling him he's got the "sainsbury curse" just yet!

Anonymous said...

I think Mummy and Daddy are totally besotted with their little boy Toby!

Anonymous said...

Watching the three of you makes for a melting moment - babies sure soften the world and make it a better place!
You all look so right and together.. it is beautiful to see. Thanks for sharing!

Tigerlilycat said...

Do I recognise that tiny size 00000outfit that would be too big for your baby?! :)

Sarigirl said...

Toby is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you very much for sharing your intimate moments with us all. We hope Toby loves his bath tomorrow.
Paulren XO

jojo said...

Thanks for sharing such a special moment with your surro family :)

for once, i am lost for words.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't stop laughing and smiling, he is such an AWESOME little man!! He has all the best bits of Sainsbury.... he's a thinker isn't he!!!! Love love love, big kisses little Toby man, love from Aunty Bind xoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Hi Meg, Bob & Toby,
I love the video of Bob and Toby. When Toby opens his eyes he has a real "WHAT THE..." look on his face, it's fantastic. I laughed when I heard Dr Shivani's voice in the background of the video.

PS. Remember Pete and I are up for babysitting when you come to Brisbane to visit your parents. But I think Toby might be fully booked while he's in Queensland.

Say Hi to Dr Shivani for us.

Brad & Pete

Amanda Salis said...

Congratulations Meg!! You are a Mummy!!! I am so happy for you, and Toby is so lucky to have such a devoted Mum as you. May he soon be released into your arms so that you and Bob can have all the cuddles you want with him all day long. We all can't wait to meet him in Perth. Love from Amanda XX