Thursday, July 29, 2010


King Toby, master of the household, looking decidedly unamused. We're changing his name to Toady. He is the baby of no-sleep. He's been awake since mid-morning, had one nap for two hours between 2-4pm, and only because he was in mummy's arms, and he's still awake at 12.20am. Forget the cot, we just want some sleep!

His cousins (the way the family is spread out Toby is actually their second uncle or something like that) Keleni (11) and Peliata (9). After a it of Argie Bargie between the pair over who gets to hold hi, and "She's had him longer than me," I settled it by telling Peli he is no longer the baby of the family and he needs to set a good example to Toby. Keleni and Peli are from the Polish side of my family, their dad is Tongan hence their beautiful skin. They are Kata's younger brother and sister.

Keleni, Peli and Ioane (13). Peli was 4 when I met him, can't believe how big these kids are now.

Peli again. In his element. They are such gentle peaceful children when they're not being hell raisers.

Cousin Nat (actually my second cousin, I think - her mother is my first cousin) and Keleni. We had trouble getting Toby out of Natty's arms. My Aunty Claire knitted the most gorgeous little coats for Toby, but I think they make his butt look big.

Aunty Sally - Bob's sister. She pushed past her mother at the airport and got the first cuddle.

Finally, Grandma gets a turn, while Sally has to make do with Lucy cat.

Toby's new bath, it's an aquarium with a bouncy hammock insert. Toby loves it!

Before we left we had the pleasure of meeting Elektra and Eros, both home with dad. George took one look at Toby and said, "He is enormous". Oh yes, he is, next to this pair, and he is not a big baby. Elektra and Eros are so little, so doll-like, but they are quite well-covered, excellent colour, good healthy squawks, really just a small version of healthy little babies. They really look great. Elektra has a real "princess" look, as if she knows she was born to be doted on, and Eros is just a cute little boy with a really peaceful feel to him.

The flights were fine. In fact we have been more tired and crankier on other flights back from India sans baby. We flew Jet Airways to Singapore, and had the row with leg room - ah bliss. I slept most of the flight with Toby on my lap.

Getting out of Delhi was fine, with the exception of the trolley boy who commandeered our luggage, rolled it no more than 5 metres and asked for 200 rupee ($5). He got 20 rups. At every counter or security check you could see staff looking for the mother, just warning our female-free dads ... staff were confused when Bob handed over two passports for apparently one person, Toby was hidden down Bob's front pack. We attracted a lot of attention with our tiny baby, all of it good,- except for the loud cow on the flight to Perth who said, "That baby is far too young to be travelling" - and when they saw he was born in India, which is written in his passport, we let people assume I had given birth while travelling overseas.

Singapore to Perth we had basinettes and four seats to ourselves. Joy! Toby wanted nothing to do with being put in a small, lonely contraption of isolation. He spent most of the flight on my chest. He got to wear his first seat belt, and was looped in front of dad for takeoff and landing. There were no problems with crying as we took off and landed, we fed him and he didn't make a squeak. We had access to the business class toilets for changing, and had our bottles prepared and in a warmer so no hassles there. It was actually a lot easier than I imagined it would be, even with three big bags, nappy bag, handbag, backpack and pillow.

Anyone else travelling I recommend you take an adult-sized pillow with you. Put that on your lap and feed baby on the pillow. It saves a lot of arm ache and keeps baby close to your chest. We highly recommend the front carrier - it freed up a couple of arms - and while we thought baby can't breathe in a front carrier, they have a lot of space around their face, and they sleep so soundly being carried. But each to their own, we'll all find what works best for us.

The floors didn't get finished before we got home, so we are still confined to the little house and can't use the extension.... but we're managing. Amber isn't terribly interested in Toby, though she tried to swipe a dirty nappy ... "Mmm, food!" Max cat is also not interested, but we may well have a problem with Lucy as she wants to be near the humans, including Toby, all the time. For now she is not allowed inside unless she's supervised. Poor Lou Lou, but better to be safe than sorry.

Til next time, some Toby facts:

I love gazing at mummy and daddy, they have such interesting faces.

That cot is a prison, I will never go to sleep in there. Waaaah

What is this bouncer thing you keep putting me in and why does it vibrate? Waaaaah

I'm pretty keen on the big bed, as long as I am in someone's arms.

I refuse to sleep - ever! Waaaah.

There is such a thing as too many kisses. Waaaah.

PS. 1.30am: Thwarted! Toby in the cot. Bob reckons the reason he doesn't like the cot is because there's a nasty bear in there ready to attack you when you least expect it. (Disclaimer: he's not allowed to sleep with bears, or on his side, the bear was purely for the adults' entertainment.)


Mandy said...

Simply Beautiful!

Stinemor said...

It looks like you have your hands full with little Toby!
I have a nice time when i read your blog and learning a lot! Thank You so much!


Edward said...

So many wonderful joyous lovely things in this post. JUST YEAH!!!!

We have the exact same bed cover in the first picture....we got ours in India. I bet you did too.

George wasn't kidding. You have an ENORMOUS baby next to his twins.

Glad the flight was uneventful. Hope your reno is done soon. Ours is as of TODAY!!!!

Welcome home new family!!!!!

Peter West and Trevor Elwell - Ethical Surrogacy said...

*happy smile*

jojo said...

my, how your life has changed, and all for the fabulously better.

Toby is such a bonnie bairn, as my granny and SIL would say.

Thanks for the tips - the pillow idea is a grand one.

So good to see Toby in his cot. Cute!

Keep the pics and stories coming. I love em.


coco said...

wow i can't believe it. i was just getting into the throes of studying for the bar exam when you left to go to india and even though i kept up with every minute of what was going on, the exam was yesterday and today i tune in and your back home. amazing how life is. speaking of which toby is absolutely beautiful! i love the photo of him with E&E. how precious. your family is beautiful. thank you for sharing your most precious blessings with us. p.s. forget about sleeping for the next few years.

Tigerlilycat said...

Welcome home!!! Looking forward to watching Toby develop over the next xx years, as well as you all enjoying your renovations.

Kerrie and Mark said...

Amazing! Love all the pics. Enjoy it all mommy.

Oddity Acres Clan said...

Yayyy you are home and what a lovely homecomming it must have been.
Such happy pics.

Thank you for sharing it all with us

Anonymous said...

fauHi Meg,
Love the pictures. Toby is soooo cute. The first picture is great Toby has a real "WHAT THE" look on his face.

I tried to email you but it bounced back.


Ushi said...

The bear picture is so cute!

Thanks for sharing flight details. I've always wondered about little tasks like diaper changes. I think flying with a newborn must be our version of labor and delivery!

So glad it went smoothly for you.