Sunday, July 11, 2010

Macintosh Heaven ... photos!!!!

It's a ... thing! Toby is so focussed on things around him but I think he got a bit of a shock when I stuck white bear on him. He booted him off within 2 secs of the pic being taken.

Can you believe, he is already too big to be slung over mummy's shoulder. Toby is 12 days old already!

The Happy family. New Uncle Phil, Toby and Bob ... awww.. so sweet.

Out to dinner with new Uncle Phil and Aunty Shivani. He slept for five hours straight!!! Tandoori crab. Yummmm!

This one's a framer. Thanks to Kara, I just love hats with things on the top of them!

We have the pleasure of Phil - as in Sam and Phil - for take-away dinner tonight, and we've served Chinese food. Yay. It was good. Three weeks and I am sick of Indian food, love it though I do. Better still, Phil has a Mac Book Pro. I am SOOOOOOO happy : )))

Here are some Toby pics, but first some Toby facts.

Toby had his third day of being a monster. True. TRUE!!! It's all about food, or cuddles. Both are easy to give, but sometimes one would like to have 5 minutes without small baby in arms.

Toby loves his new uncle Phil. Better than mummy and daddy.

Toby gave his first proper smile to new Uncle Phil.

Toby has a dimple in his right cheek!

Toby has a red birthmark on his bum cheek.

Toby is getting chubby. His little face is so chubby and cute and squeezable.

Thank you Aunty Kara for my beautiful outfit. I am so spunky!

Toby has a new bath. He no longer has to suffer the shock of a cold porcelain sink on his little bottom. Thanks to SCI for providing us with all the baby stuff we need here. He doesn't scream at bath time now : )))

Yay. Baby smiles at bath time now : )))

Toby has a gurl-frend! Congratulations to A and C on the birth of "A" ... a girl!!!! Also to our UK couple on the birth of their twins - girl and boy!!!

We are doing the whole legal/commission, get home thing. It is really easy to do. I will post on the forum ( the various steps. For now, nothing to worry about.


Fredrik said...

Lovely,just lovely.

Say hello to Dr Shivani from Sweden!

/ Fredrik and Robert

jojo said...

wow - what a great post! you sound soooooo happy. i can just imagine you narrating that post with a twinkle in your eye!

a dimple! yay! i love dimples - and wish i had one ;)

u sound like you're having so much fun. i'm sooper pleased!


crystal said...

I love the photos!