Saturday, July 3, 2010

New baby + Delhi Belly = one wrecked mummy

Mummy before her first full night with Toby. The after photo is horrendous. We are wrecked.

Baby Toby modelling a wrap from Charliecat, and 00000 ensemble courtesy of Alex and Taj. 00000 swims on him. Can one get 000000? If so, probably a better size for newborns under 7 pounds.

New parents with Dr Shivani and Toby.

Toby with his Indian aunties - from left Shilpi, Laxmi and Dolly.

Super cute baby, who hates being swaddled, with Mummy. We are both exhuasted. Part of it is coming down from the eexcitement of the past week, and part baby crying and wanting a feed every half hour. My, this boy can eat. He doesn't like being put down, he wants to stay close to one of us at all times, and it takes a lot to get him settled on his bed. It is heartbreaking hearing his cries, and I tend to pick him up on demand, whereas Bob, the more experienced parent of this duo, knows he has to cry it out and then he'll sleep. We occasionally get a four hour break, but who can sleep soundly when there is always one ear trained to listen out for baby. To top it off, I ate something suspect last night and have been wretching and suffering the worst stomach pain. We're going to call in a nurse tonight so we can both get a good night's sleep. Welcome to motherhood : ))
Some Toby facts. His umblical stump has fallen off.
He lifts his head and has done so since day 3
He tries to push himself up, he is very strong in his upper body
He needs changing every hour
He eats 60ml every two hours
His favourite position is being slung over my shoulder like a wet rag
He looks around a lot, and likes his hands. I don't know if he can focus on anything yet.
You can never fix a bottle fast enough.
He is super-cute and we love him.
A big thank you to Faith to Vishwas who sent the gorgeous little onesies "Made in India, loved worldwide" featured on Dr Shivani's blog. Everyone raved over them and I will get Toby to model very soon.


Anonymous said...

He is BEAUTIFUL!!! My heartfelt congratulations!

MaryJane in Okotoks, AB canada

Mike and Mike said...

For your own sanity, until you get back home, get yourselves a night nurse if you can. It's a huge help and you're going to need the rest so you can complete you journey back home.

But don't worry, once you're back home, you will quickly get back into the groove of being sleep deprived.

Tigerlilycat said...

I've seen 00000000 (that's 8 zeros) in David Jones and I seriously thought it was dolls clothes!! Even with how tiny these are, they'd be too big for Eros and Elektra for a while. Glad the tiny stuff I convinced you to pack is coming in handy. My mum will be stoked to see Toby wearing one of her beanies!

And yes, book in the night nurse NOW. Keep her for the entire time you're there...

tjudle said...

Love the pics! Especially the ones with Dr S and the SCI girls. How fun!

Sorry you've got the stomach bug. That's the worst! I can't imagine being that sick with a newborn. Yuck!

Lots if hugs from Aaron & I to you, Bob and Toby. Wish we could be with y'all right now (ok, well maybe after you're feeling better, that is)!

crystal said...

What a cutie pie. Congrats to both of you.

coco said...

amani, toby looks like you. i think he is an old soul having been here many times before. that is what the doctors said when my julia was born and that she knows something we don't know. you will get use to having very little sleep. julia ate every two hours on the hour like clockwork. go ahead an pick him up when he cries, he needs to bond plus before you know it he'll be all grown up asking you to knock before you come in his room

Jackie said...

COngratulations again! Love, love, love the photo of Megan and Toby! You look so happy!

Anonymous said...

Dear Meg
what a cute adorable littel boy you guys have.

Enjoy parenthood and wish you guys all the best, all the heartache is now replaced with joy and pure love and happiness.
I can't stop smiling everytime I see your blog.
On a practical point do we really need 0000!!!
Also what baby things is the clinic providing in Lotus and what else do we need to bring with us? Cot, Sterilizer...
BW and love to all

Lisa said...

He's is absolutely gorgeous!! Congratulations on your beautiful Toby!

jojo said...

u look so pretty, laydeeee!