Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time to get out of Dodge

I want to go home. I miss my dog. I miss our bed. Imiss Autralian TV. I miss Australian drivers, and cleanliness and sterility, and uninterrupted power supply, and fresh milk, and cool weather. I miss not risking my life walking down the street. I have started wanting to belt the cars of arrogant horn-honking drivers as they whizz pass with no regard for anyone but their slef-sh selves and their own destinations. I am over-tired and over-everthing and I want my doggie.

Yep, time to go home, I've had my fill of India for now. We have Toby's birth certifictae and all the documents sumitted at the Australia High Commission. We're just waiting for the DNA test results to be released to the AHC, and to pay, then our little one becomes an Australian citizen. The only hiccup, apart from us being slack, is a mistake was made on the bank draft and the AHC won't accept the draft, so Bob is back off the the AHC tomorrow with a new draft. Lesson learned: if the bank scribbles out anything and does not initial it, your draft will not be accepted. We are talking one numberal, the offending number being 2, crossed through and correctly entered as TWO ... so minor, but nope, not accepted.

Another lesson learned for Aussies: if you don't have your statatuory declarations signed at home, the AHC will hit you up for 2320 rupee to witness your signatures. Like, that's over $60 - what a rip off!

We move to a new apartment tomorrow as this one is booked. Not looking forward to packing everything up and moving across town, but it is as it is.

Toby is a gorgeous as ever. I think we've worked out what to do with his mini-monster behaviour. We're not getting much sleep and taking it in turns to feed, cuddle, change and cuddle some more. This means one of us is usually very cranky, while the other has to keep things going.

It's 4.21am. I have Toby's 6am feed then I am off duty. It's tiring, but he's worth it.

We're applying for emergency passports and hope to have these and our exits visas by Monday, in tiome to make out flight home on Tuesday. It will be a push


jojo said...

You can do it! Just one last bit of energy to cut your way through the red tape, then you're done.

You can bring Toby home and get into a lovely routine. And you can finally introduce your babies!


WendyandTyler said... sound so much like me! I am such a homebody (and love our doggies to pieces), and have a feeling that I will be posting something very similar when we go. Hang in'll be home before you know it!

Kerrie and Mark said...

Breathe!!! You will be gone before you know it and look back fondly on these times (and probably miss them too). Tuesday is not that long of a wait, and remeber how long you waited to be in this position, so this is nothing!

Stephaniekb said...

Ooooh, I remember that feeling well! Hope all goes well so we can see pix of Toby exploring his new house soon!