Saturday, July 17, 2010

Toby pics.

I love this photo. Toby has grown so much in three short weeks. Look at that chubby face. He likes to lie on his side, and can scramble around 90 degrees on his sleeping mat. That's a 0000 he's packing full.

Lounge-Lizard - Toby's preferred place of rest at ILH, on the lounge in the lobby. This is the only place we have been able to get hin to sleep without bodiy contact. Of course, we have to sit in the lounge with him for long periods of time so he doesn't get stolen.

Bob's fantabulous self-feeding arrangement. If you keep his hands in mittens he can't hold the bottle and knock it off the bear. This method only works supervised, and only for short periods of time, like 20 seconds, before the teat falls from his mouth. Useless, really.

The happiest cleaner in Delhi. Indian folk seem to want to wake sleeping babies by clucking loudly and pinching their cheeks.
You have been warned.

Toby and his Lufthansa plane.

Thanks for all the comments about sleeping. Bob the magician got him off to sleep for a whole three hours, sans bodily contact. Bliss. I just cannot bear to hear him cry. His wails are not quiet and it's pretty hard to exercise controlled crying in a hotel with other guests and a baby who can tear through the walls. I don't think any parent can ignore crying when it gets to hysterical full-body, breath-holding cack cack cacks. That's our boy! We'll see a baby nurse when we get home and try to get some routine, but til then, will have to give in to Toby so we don't get booted out of here.


crystal said...

He is so cute! And you are right about the culture wanting to pinch and wake them up. It is sort of funny.

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to see your birth announcement, and I wanted to offer some ideas for getting Toby to sleep better-I used these ideas on our boys after reading about them in Dr. Harvey Karp's "The Happiest Baby on the Block". I think the main idea was the 5 "S's", swaddling, shushing, swinging, sucking and one other that escapes me at the moment. It's probably like an oven there right now, but if you have a thin piece of sheet like fabric, you could try using that, and the swaddling thing should be done very firmly, by keeping the baby's arms from flailing, it somehow keeps them from startling themselves-I thought this sounded kind of too restrictive, but it worked like a charm on our boys. Now I remember what the fifth "s" is, sleeping on their side, which I don't know whether is a good idea in light of the "back to sleep" idea for preventing SIDS. I did put our boys to sleep together in a Moses basket, slightly on their sides, and tightly swaddled at the same time. The "shushing" and swinging can be provided by a fan and a baby swing. The fan makes a sound that does help. Apparently, inside the womb it is noisy and tight, so the explanation given for this is that it makes babies feel secure. The sucking can be provided by a pacifier, when not having a bottle. Hope something in this may give you two a little help. Best wishes!!

jojo said...

I can get enough pictures of your gorgeous child! He looks so content and at peace with the world.

Love, love, love his care bear doona. To a plushie like me, that's heaven!


paul said...

He is so cute. I am so glad you have got such a wonderful bundle of joy. Congratulations. I bet you are over the moon.

Paul & Chris

Amani (Meg) said...

Thanks Beth

The "side" sleeping has worked a treat! We have twice settled him on his side, patting his back. the crying subsides immediately and we keep patting his back, and when he has gone completely limp, we roll him onto his back and he is out like a light.

the ssshing also works. the swaddling, he is a not a swaddle happy baby - he was like that from day one - he even kicks off his blankie.

Thankfully I got two good blocks of sleep last night!!!!

Oddity Acres Clan said...

Thank goodness you got some sleep.

He is adorable btw.

Stephaniekb said...

Meg and Bob, he is absolutely gorgous. I'd fly there myself to pinch those cheeks and wake him up! Once you get home you'll settle into a routine for getting him to sleep; nothing can possibly be normal when you're in a hotel room in a foreign country with a newborn. Happiest Baby on the Block worked for us, too, but Micah loved being swaddled until he was nearly 6 months old.

Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled to read the news of Toby's safe arrival into the world and back home to Oz. A big congrulations...he is just beautiful.
Seeing these stories fills my husband and i with hope that one day we too will experience your joy.
All the best.